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Liquid detergent Pods 3 in 1
Color, regular or fresh sensations
2 x ( 19 pieces of 28,8 g )


What do our animals go through?

Read more about how we are committed to working with professionals for whom animal husbandry is a profession that requires them to observe, know and closely monitor their animals.

Chocolate for Easter

Let Easter tempt you with chocolate creations in every shape and flavour.

Collect the emoji®-STIXX at Cactus!

emoji®-STIXX: mini rubber figurines which have a suction pad in place of a foot so you can stick them to tables, windows, glass panels, etc.

Cactus La Belle Etoile is open this Sunday!

Since it’s Fréijoersshopping, come and take advantage of the amazing reductions at Cactus La Belle Etoile this Sunday 25 March from 2 pm to 6 pm!

Meet and Make

Max Mannes invites you to come and explore the Häremille wine-growing estate in Ehnen

Wines of the World

Our 19th edition invites you to sample wines from these countries
from 13 to 25 March

Cactus hobbi brochure

gardening and outdoor work

Collect for your Jamie Oliver cutlery set

Collect our stickers and get a reduction of over 75% on the whole cutlery range.


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Speciality Bread

Potato & chives bread

My organic Alnatura Recipes

Cranberry and vanilla muffins with honey yoghurt

News - 7 February 2017

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