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16 different Yuppi marbles for you
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From 30 August to 23 October 2016

Gardening naturally! – Cactus hobbi Natierlech!

You’re a budding gardener but you still need a little expert advice? Register now for our free workshop: “How should you get your garden and your lawn ready for winter?”

Wine Discovery

Each month, our wine experts will share their favourites with you.

Mäi Goût vu Lëtzbuerg

Each month our “Hausgemaacht” campaign invites you to discover a homemade product freshly prepared by our artisan staff at our Windhof production facilities.

This month: our pies, prepared by our confectioners.

Cactus Food Heroes

A selection of committed producers who are proud of their profession and fight every day to safeguard the quality of their produce.

Alnatura Recipe

Mediterranean veggie burger

Alnatura Recipe

Mediterranean veggie burger


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Peanut and avocado sandwich