Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016

Download your free "Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016 - Outdoor Edition" app, take part in this major competition we’re running and win a whole year’s free shopping at Cactus!

Summer treats

Take advantage this week of our special offers on summer products and everything you need to cook cheap yet lovely summer meals.

This weeks offer

Tabs 3in1

Color, regular or fresh sensation
3 x 19 units

Cactus Food Heroes

A selection of committed producers who are proud of their profession and fight every day to safeguard the quality of their produce.

Mäi  Goût vu Lëtzebuerg

Each month our “Hausgemaacht” campaign invites you to discover a homemade product freshly prepared by our artisan staff at our Windhof production facilities.

Treat yourself to the flavours of Luxembourg!

Wine Discovery

Each month, our wine experts will share their favourites with you.

Cactus Cocktail
of the week

Summer gin cocktail

Alnatura Recipes

Discover the wide variety of Alnatura products and redefine your lunch and finger food specialties. These imaginative or international recipes make for quick and tasty snacks!


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Cookery Classes

Sharing expertise and passion
Alnatura Recipes

Chicken nuggets in a crispy coating with chilli and mango chutney