Anniversary Offer

4 varieties: Natural, to the spindle,
smoked with honey or smoked
100g, self-service
so 19.-/kg

We are proud of our region!

This week in our C-NEWS brochure take a look at our great deals on regional products. The very best of our terroir!

Competition "Sourire du Quartier" Cactus Echternach

Win a Cactus gift card worth 125€, courtesy of VEGOBEL

Cactus Marnach to open its doors soon!

A new Cactus store will open its doors on Wednesday 27 September at 8am in the Nordstrooss Shopping Mile shopping centre.
Come and enjoy sales events and great deals all week long in every department!

Cactus launches Yämmi cooking machines

Yämmi is a multifunction cooking machine which offers the very best value and will make your daily life so much easier. It guarantees making cooking easy and to save you time without compromising on quality.

So et mat Käerzen!

Let your imagination run wild and collect a maximum of our gift candles representing the 26 letters of the alphabet. Now available at all Cactus stores.

Mäin hobbi - Richteg riichte fir den Hierscht

Storage, interior and exterior decoration, plantations... We wish you all a good season!

Gardening naturally! – Cactus hobbi Natierlech!

You’re a budding gardener but you still need a little expert advice? Register now for our free workshops!

Wine Discovery

Each month, our wine experts will share their favourites with you.

Alnatura Recipe

Cashew, apple and redcurrant tart


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My organic Alnatura Recipes

Protein power smoothie

Recipe from Hengstenberg Kitchen Stories.

Cheeseburger with gherkins and sauerkraut

News - 7 February 2017

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