Let’s Focus on Having a Fair and Sustainable Easter!

Let’s Focus on Having a Fair and Sustainable Easter!

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When spring arrives, this means it’s also the beginning of the Easter period. This is the time when we hide nests filled with chocolates and brightly coloured eggs and enjoy delicious meals with our family. With all the love and traditions we share, we often forget to think about our environmental footprint and ways of avoiding producing waste. However, it is well worth making the effort to do this!

Make sure you buy locally farmed, organic eggs and to colour them why not try using natural materials only. You’ll get a nice yellow colour with turmeric; beetroot produces a red colour and spinach will give you an intense green colour. Also, as far as sweets go, try and eat chocolate that has been fairtrade produced and select organic Easter bunnies.

Zero-waste Easter Nest

You can create and make your own Easter nest by using egg boxes, the cardboard boxes used to package cheese or small fruit punnets which can be filled with moss or straw.

Homemade Seedbomb

What are “seedbombs”?
Seedbombs are small balls of earth and seeds, which once they have dried, can be thrown onto a piece of empty land. As soon as it rains, the seeds start to germinate, and the result will be a beautiful field of flowers.
Anyone who gives sustainable gifts is thinking not only about today but is also thinking of tomorrow. Homemade seedbombs keep their beauty hidden away inside and it’s only in spring, once the sun comes out, that they reveal all their splendour!

You’ll need the following ingredients:

• 1 teaspoon seeds
• 3 teaspoons compost
• 3 teaspoons clay soil
• A little water

Let’s make them!

Combine all the ingredients, then gradually add a little water until the consistency is that of plasticine. Shape into balls the size of a walnut, then place the balls on a window ledge or in the sunshine.
Pack your small seedbombs into empty toilet paper rolls.

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