Enjoying autumn

Enjoying autumn

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The sun is getting lower in the sky and the trees are taking on colour, each one more beautiful than the last. The wind blows through the crowns of the trees, whipping up the leaves from the ground into the air and making them dance. Autumn is here! And because exercising and getting fresh air is important, the message for the autumn is: Explore nature!

You can find plenty of interesting things to collect on a pleasant forest walk, particularly in autumn – horse chestnuts, acorns, colourful leaves and many other things to make wonderful creations with. Maybe you will even catch sight of a squirrel, burying its store of food for the winter (e.g. acorns).

But why do leaves drop from the trees in autumn?
This is a survival trick for the trees, which take the nutrients from the leaves and then discard the leaf stalks. In the winter, water may freeze in the ground and the tree can no longer supply the leaves with water. The leaves change colour, fade and drop.

In very hot summers, if the ground is too dry – like this year – the same thing can happen!

Let’s make a kite...
…which is a perfect match for this time of year, and which also involves upcycling

You will need:

  • a sheet of paper or a piece of newspaper
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • coloured pens
  • scissors
  • glue
  • some cotton thread or wool

And here’s how!
To make your kite, you need a square piece of paper (or newspaper). Measure the short side of your paper, using a ruler, and mark out a square of that size on the paper. Cut around the outline.
Fold the square diagonally into two halves, forming a triangle. Open up the triangle again and fold the two side corners to the right and left into the new centre line. Glue the folded sides firmly in position.
You can now paint your kite with any design you like: a face, a colourful pattern or all in one colour.

Next, glue a piece of cotton or wool to the bottom part of your kite. Use the left-over paper or newspaper to fold small ribbons and attach them to the tail of the kite.

Your paper kite is complete, ready to decorate doors and windows!

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