Skrei on Broccoli Purée with Toasted Hazelnuts

Skrei on Broccoli Purée with Toasted Hazelnuts

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Preparation time

Preparation time : 25 minutes. 2 servings. Level of difficulty 2/5. Toast the whole hazelnuts and once cooled roughly chop.

Handy hint: By adding salt to the water only once it has boiled, you avoid staining the bottom of your pan which will happen if you add salt to cold water.

Ingredients :

g skrei fillet with skin left on, cut in 2
broccoli head
Guérande sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil
g whole hazelnuts, with skins
Ground hazelnut
Hazelnut oil
Knob of butter

Toast the whole hazelnuts and once cooled roughly chop.

Remove the stem from the broccoli head and chop the broccoli into pieces. Bring some water to the boil, once it is boiling add salt* and cook the broccoli for 8-10 minutes depending on the size of the pieces.

Blend the broccoli, adding enough olive oil so that the purée retains a fairly firm texture, season to taste and keep hot.

Take a frying pan, melt together the butter and olive oil, cook the skrei fillet over a medium heat skin side down first so that the skin is well seared. Keep an eye on the fish to check when it looks cooked (the flesh will change colour) or use a thermometer. At 38°C, technically speaking fish is cooked; it would be a pity to overcook this noble fish. Once the fish is cooked, season with a light touch.

Take your preheated plates, place a bed of purée on each plate and add the skrei.

Garnish with the chopped hazelnuts, ground hazelnut, Guérande sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. A final drizzle of olive oil, or if you prefer hazelnut oil, will lend this dish a final touch of sparkle and finesse.

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