Protein power smoothie

Protein power smoothie

My Organic Alnatura Recipes
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Source: Alnatura, photographer: Oliver Brachat


For 2 small glasses or 1 large glass
g (a handful) Alnatura almonds
g (1.5 heaped tbsp) sweet lupin flour
ml Alnatura almond drink, unsweetened

Combine the ingredients and mix on a high setting for at least 30 seconds. That is the only way to break down the cell walls and avoid the need for lots of chewing.

After mixing, chill until you are ready to drink the smoothie.

Garnish with banana slices before serving.

If you have a good quality Turbo mixer and like your smoothies cold, then it's best to use frozen bananas, as that gives the best consistency. However, this can damage some blenders, so it is best to check in advance whether yours is powerful enough to chop frozen fruit.

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