9 April 2020
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  • You have probably heard that a lot of people are falling ill at the moment, and everyone is talking about something called the Coronavirus. We must all continue to follow the very important rules that are intended to protect you and other people – even in the holidays, and at least until you and your schoolmates are allowed to go back to school. This is to stop too many people coming together and infecting each other with the virus.
  • We always wash our hands

    Wash your hands often. For at least 30 seconds and, most importantly, with soap. That way, you will protect yourself and your family, because the soap destroys the virus. If you need to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow.

  • I don't go shopping with Mum or Dad

    You probably enjoy going shopping with your mother or father, and it's nice that you want to help them. But at the moment it's better if only one person goes shopping, so that there are fewer people in the shop. It's also important to keep at least two metres away from other people. And always remember: don't buy too much. Other people, like your friends and neighbours and your teacher, need food to eat, too..

  • Yippee, it's the holidays

    It's the school holidays at the moment. You don't have any homework, but you can still learn through play. "Memory" is a good game for training your memory, while "City-Country-River" improves your knowledge of geography. If you want to do something by yourself, then read a good book.

  • We don't get bored

    There's always lots to do at home. For example, now is just the right time to do some gardening. And Mum and Dad are sure to be pleased if you help with the cooking, or perhaps you could all bake a delicious cake together. Your granny or grandad will be delighted if you paint them a beautiful picture that you can give them when you're eventually allowed to see them again. Then listen to a little music or play with your brothers or sisters ... and soon it will be the end of another day.

  • Eat well and exercise to keep fit

    Healthy eating is always important. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, make sure you drink enough water and do a bit of exercise. That way, you'll strengthen your immune system.

  • If you follow my tips and tricks, not only will the time pass quickly, but you and your family will also keep fit and in shape. Yuppi
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