Speciality Bread - June - Séi-Ourbrout Bread

Speciality Bread - June - Séi-Ourbrout Bread

5 June 2018
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Séi-Ourbrout bread gives pride of place to our own local cereals and is made with 60% spelt from the Upper Sûre Nature Park and 40% “Produit du Terroir” wheat flour. Packed with proteins, spelt also contains eight essential amino acids which the body needs but cannot make itself.

By subtly combining spelt and wheat flours, this bread has a slightly nutty flavour along with a very delicate sugary sweetness from the honey. The scrumptious, moist inside is creamy-coloured and topped with a thin, crispy crust, sprinkled with poppy seeds and oat flakes (the oat flakes come from the Upper Sûre Nature Park, the poppy seeds from the Our Nature Park and the honey is Marque Nationale).

This tasty bread will be the perfect accompaniment for all your food and will keep all food lovers satisfied!

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18 June 2018


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