Natierlech.Cactus – followfish

Natierlech.Cactus – followfish

23 March 2020
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A company with vision – focussed on sustainability! !

In 2007, two company directors Jürg Knoll and Harri Butsch were extremely concerned about conventional food production methods and so decided to refocus their firm by concentrating solely on food that could be produced sustainably and transparently.

This is how the followfish story started with the famous “tracking codes” on its packaging which provide key information about the time and place the fish was caught, and even the identity of the fisherman and his boat.

To be MSC-certified, a fishery must meet three core principles:

  • Fishing must be at a level that ensures that fish populations can continue indefinitely.
  • Fishing activity must maintain the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the ecosystem.
  • Fishing must comply with the relevant legislation in force and be able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Fairtrade-Certified Tuna

  • The fishermen and everyone else involved in production/processing receive a fair wage.
  • Fish are caught using eco-friendly methods.
  • Additional bonuses for community development and investment in projects for education, healthcare and access to drinking water.

Tuna in brine!

This tuna comes from Maadhoo Island in the Maldives, one of the most sustainable tuna fisheries in the world. Here each fish is individually caught by hand – as has been the practice for at least 900 years. This tuna is great in salads and on pizzas and is also absolutely delicious on bread.

This tuna has two labels: MSC- and Fairtrade-Certified Tuna

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