February’s Speciality Bread – Copenhagen Bread

February’s Speciality Bread – Copenhagen Bread

5 February 2019
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Copenhagen bread is made with rye and wheat flour and a hint of barley flour too. With rye sourdough, no seeds and a tight crumb, Copenhagen bread is beautifully fragrant and delights the palate making it a marvellous accompaniment for meals for anyone who loves fine, fresh products.

It’s called “Copenhagen” bread as a reflection of Danish lifestyle and its “Hygge” philosophy, which stands for well-being and enjoying the good things in life such as a great loaf of bread. Copenhagen bread goes well with all food – it’s also quite delicious simply sliced for breakfast, lunch or with a soup for supper. So go on, cut yourself a large chunk of Copenhagen bread, spread it with a nice dollop of salted butter and enjoy life!

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1 200 ecoboxes put into circulation in Cactus restaurants

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