The Cactus Mega Öko-Gang is back!

The Cactus Mega Öko-Gang is back!

8 September 2020
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Thanks to these new collectable stickers, your children, accompanied by Yuppi and the Mega Öko-Gang, are going to find out all the Luxembourg forests’ secrets.

By collecting the 120 stickers , your children can fill in their activity book and enjoy plenty more surprises. For really keen fans, we’ve also got cuddly toys of three of the Cactus Mega Öko-Gang members.

The campaign runs from 18 August to 4 October while stocks last.

What can you collect?

• 120 stickers, including 16 with a special (digital) effect
• 16 different tattoos
• 8 different sorts of seed packs
• a small magnifying gla

How can you collect them?

You’ll get your first pouch when you spend at least €15. Then an extra pouch gets added for each additional €15 spent.
Valid for anything purchased in Cactus supermarkets, Marché and Cactus hobbi stores; excluded from the amount purchased are bottle returns, tobacco and cigarettes, lottery tickets, donations to charities and credit purchases.

*The campaign runs from 18 August to 4 October while stocks last.

Partner products:

When you buy certain specially marked items, you’ll get an extra pouch.
For each partner product bought = 1 free pouch (for a minimum €15 spent)

Take a look at our partner products for this week:

Partner Products

To fully complete the Cactus Mega Öko-Gang activity book, which you can buy in the Cactus store of your choice, you’ll have to get the stickers we’re asking you to collect. Not only is this activity book perfect for collecting your stickers, but it will also give you loads of information, tips and advice to do with forests and wild animals.

Yuppi and the Cactus Mega Öko-Gang are ready and all they’re waiting for now is you. So off we go, it’s time for a nice walk in the Luxembourg woods. You’ll learn lots of things and most importantly you’ll also have loads of fun. The forest is an ideal place to discover new smells, to feel different types of soil and touch, for example, the bark on different trees.

So, what are you waiting for? – It’s time to go and have fun in nature!

Cactus Mega Öko-Gang Cuddly Toys
If you’re a real Cactus Mega Öko-Gang fan, then why not ask your parents if you can have one of the three cuddly toys. You can take a look at them in the Cactus store of your choice and choose from Freddy, Mulles or Hary.

The activity book and pouches are made from FSC-certified eco-friendly paper. This labelling certifies that the wood from which the paper is made comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. As for the cuddly toys, an eco-friendlier option has also been found, thanks to an initiative that fills the toys with recycled PET (crushed plastic bottles).

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