Bio Green Beef

Bio Green Beef

25 March 2018
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Luxembourgish Bio meat at Cactus

Discover the new “Bio Green Beef” , meat from young cattle raised in Luxembourg on sixteen organic farms and is sold exclusively at Cactus.

The principles behind organic breeding
The animals are raised with their mothers for 8 to 12 months with enough time spent grazing outdoors (at least 180 days per year) and enough space indoors in the barns to ensure that the calves develop naturally to their full potential. This means that the calves feed exclusively on their mother’s milk, fresh meadow grass, hay and cereal supplements. The breeders mostly produce these 100% organic foodstuffs themselves.
Meat breeds such as Limousin, Charolais, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Angus are reared, and these animals meet European standards for organic products, as well as the additional standards set out in the “Bio Green Beef” specifications which cover the obligations and duties of all those involved in the sector, and to which all parties undertake to adhere as closely as possible.

“Bio Green Beef” – a sustainable product
For this new organic beef production sector, the watchwords are animal welfare, environmental well-being, sustainability, traceability and quality of taste. By preserving the earth, air and waters, organic farming not only respects the environment and natural resources, but with careful land use and by avoiding pesticides it also protects flora and fauna and helps support biodiversity. As for the breeders, they receive a fair return which allows them to cover their production costs and ensure that their production is sustainable over the long term.

Supporting local agriculture
Cactus recognized the strength of the organic movement very early on and has used its resources to support farming. It should be noted that we have been supporting local farmers for the past 50 years. Our “Cactus – Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer” label is proof of this. Started in 1996, 160 Luxembourg breeders belong to the scheme today. Another example of our commitment is the “Cactus Lëtzebuerger Poulet” label which was recently launched in February.

A unique flavour
Today, with this “Bio Green Beef”, we can provide our customers with beef from young cows (aged between 8 and 12 months) bred on organic farms in Luxembourg. Being reared with their mothers, as well as outdoor grazing and the meat being very young are what give this new product its main characteristics: extremely tender and particularly delicate pink meat with fine marbling which makes it both juicy and full of flavour.

Full list of “Bio Green Beef” breeders:
Nico Wirth, Dippach
Roland Barthelmy, Dippach
Jemming-Schmit, Kahler
Catherine Weydert-Cloos, Goeblange
Isabelle Matge-Stoltz, Dondelange
Bio-Haff Wilhelm, Capellen
Serge Van Dyck, Leudelange
Anita Johanns-Dostert, Assel
Josiane Linden-Wirth, Reichlange
Mario Kleer, Everlange
Frank Miller, Bastendorf
Daniel Baltes, Stegen
Claudine Steichen-Huberty, Welscheid
Guy Lambert, Walsdorf
Joelle Brimmeyer-Gils, Heiderscheid
Fernande Kass-Delperdange, Harlange
Nico Eschette, Noertrange
Christian Mathieu, Derenbach
Nadine Schaus-Colbach, Binsfeld
Mireille Simon-Reding, Heinerscheid

Breeds: Limousin, Charolais, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Angus
Age: slaughter between 8 and 12 months
Slaughter weight: between 180 and 230 kg
Abattoir: Aubel Abattoir, which specialises in dealing with young cattle
Processing and packaging: GHL Aubel
Feed: mother’s milk, grasses and cereal supplements
Transport: animals transported in groups to avoid stress  

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Bio Green Beef specifications catalogue  

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