12 January 2021

de Schnékert Traiteur

Enjoy the very finest products from de Schnékert Traiteur master chefs and pâtissiers with their catering service for events, their deli store food and their ready-meals from Cactus store corners.
12 January 2021

Give Yourself Plenty of Energy!

To give yourself plenty of energy and get your day off to the right start, make the most of the benefits citrus fruits have to offer. As well as providing you with vitamin C and helping to strengthen your immune system, citrus fruits have excellent detoxifying, purgative and antiseptic properties. Whether you have them juiced or as they are, eating these winter fruits in the morning is strongly recommended. So enjoy a citrus fruit feast! function myFunction1() {"https://www.cactus...
12 January 2021

Getting Back into Shape and Detoxing

Get the New Year off to a great start! After the end-of-year festivities and their excesses, how do we get back into shape and help our bodies recover? Focusing on a healthy diet will help your body to get rid of unwanted toxins and to recover its vitality and energy. To feel well in both body and mind, eating healthily is by far the best approach!! To successfully detox, you should concentrate on certain foods. For example, artichokes have wonderful health benefits for the liver and help...
11 January 2021

Click & Collect in our 4 Cactus hobbi!

You’re now able to select and reserve online one of our 50 non-food promotions. To do this, click on the item you want, enter your contact details and come and collect your goods at your leisure from the Cactus hobbi of your choice : Belle Etoile, Bascharage, Howald and Diekirch. When you come to collect your item, you can pay instore at our multitecc counter. Your Cactus hobbi staff thank you for your continuing trust ! Order here! Nettoyeur “CrossWave Pet Pro” Bissel 3 en 1 : aspire, lave et...
4 January 2021

Create Your Cake in 3 Steps!

De Schnékert Traiteur offers you a choice of over 100 different cakes, all made on-site using local ingredients, for you to customise as you wish. With just a few clicks, you can order your cake and get it delivered to your Cactus supermarket! Start by selecting the type of cake you want (Bamkuch, fruit biscuit cake, buttercream cake and so on). Depending on the type of cake you choose, you’ll have various options: select the size (number of portions), flavour (marbled, vanilla or mocha...
4 January 2021

Restaurants closed to the public

Dear Customers, our government has announced that until further notice restaurants shall be closed to the public! However, you can still order food to take away. • C-INN Bascharage: closed • C-INN Ingeldorf: closed • C-Inn Redange: closed • C-Inn Windhof: closed • C-Inn Mersch: closed • Cube Restaurant Belle Etoile: closed • Cube Belle Etoile (Cube Bar): closed • Um Juck Restaurant Belle Etoile: closed • C-fresh Hobbi Howald: closed • C-fresh Bettembourg: closed • C-fresh Esch: closed • C-Fresh...
30 December 2020

Video Game Highlights

Pre-order here! MONSTER HUNTER RISE COLLECTORS EDITION SWITCH 99,99€ Release: 26/03/2021 Preorder until 19/03/2021 Far Cry 6 PS4 - XB3 69,99€ Release: 18/02/2021 Preorder until 15 February 2021 Far Cry 6 Gold Edition PS4 - XB3 99,99€ Release: 18/02/2021 Preorder until 15 February 2021 Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition PS4 - XB3 119,99€ Release: 18/02/2021 Preorder until 15 February 2021 #myBtn:hover{ border: 2px #000 solid; } .modal { display: none; /* Hidden by default */ position: fixed; /* Stay in...
23 December 2020

Dear Customers,

Following the Government’s new measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, we inform you that your hobbi Howald, hobbi Diekirch and Junior Belle Etoile stores will remain closed. We thank you for your understanding.