27 July 2021

Drink Shops

Faced with the challenge of recycling plastic bottles, for many of us buying our drinks from a glass bottle deposit scheme is a handy and sustainable alternative. Located next to Cactus supermarkets car parks, you can go to your Drink Shop to return your deposit scheme bottles and collect new supplies in the same place. By using deposit scheme glass bottles, you’ll limit unnecessary waste and impact on the environment in a sustainable way. Find the Cactus Drink Shops in these Cactus...
13 July 2021

LËTZ GO GOLD – Maacht mat fir de gudden Zweck !

Cactus, Gold Partner of the 4th LËTZ GO GOLD charity run We are proud to be a Gold Partner of the 4th edition of the LËTZ GO GOLD charity run. All participants commit to collecting at least €200 (€100 for minors and students under 25), with the aim of the fundraising to make a difference, to join forces and to raise as much money as possible. There are four distances to choose from: 5 km and 10 km run, 5 km walk, 1.5 km (suitable for prams and wheelchairs). Whether you participate as a runner...
8 July 2021

2nd price reduction

2nd price reduction at our clothing dep*. until 26 July. * Except on the articles in the two Pickeg Präisser brochures
16 June 2021

D'Baueren stinn fir de Label vum Lëtzebuerger Fleesch!

We’re committed to providing you with the best beef from our pastures by working closely with our local breeders. Download the PDF list of participating breeders
14 June 2021

Cactus restaurants are open!

All Cactus eating places re-open from 14 June. Our staff are delighted to be able to serve you again both on our outdoor terraces and indoors! OUR RESTAURANTS
8 June 2021

Notre label Cactus Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer fait ses preuves depuis 25 ans.

More reason than ever to further raise the label’s profile by highlighting the foundation of this trusted partnership which we began twenty-five years ago with Convis and with the farmers who belong to the label. Meat that comes from local farms, close relationships with the breeders, respect for both the environment and animal welfare, absolute traceability as well as the expertise of our master butchers – these are the guarantees we give you whenever you buy Cactus Rëndfleesch vum...
8 June 2021

de Schnékert Traiteur

Enjoy the very finest products from de Schnékert Traiteur master chefs and pâtissiers with their catering service for events, their deli store food and their ready-meals from Cactus store corners.
8 June 2021

Be happy, eat happy! Now also at Cactus Mersch!

Created by experienced chefs, EatHappy sushi comes in many variations, from the traditional to the most sophisticated sushi, it’s all there. To ensure that you enjoy the finest flavours nothing has been left to chance. All the ingredients have been very carefully selected, so the salmon comes from Norway, the rice from Italy and the vegetables are grown locally. A perfect combination of exceptional quality and great enjoyment as you eat! Available in your Cactus Howald, Belle Etoile, Bascharage...