My Favourite Whiskies

My Favourite Whiskies

The world of whisky and its amazing range of aromas!

The world of whisky and its amazing range of aromas!

Accept Cactus’ invitation as I did, and explore the Whisky Department – with its carefully chosen selection that’s representative of whisky but eclectic too, so there’s something here for every whisky lover.

I’m discovering whiskies from all over the world

Scotland is not the only country to produce whisky of great character: Japan, Belgium, Ireland and America have widened what is already a very diverse range of aromas with famous whiskies of their own, for example: Ireland (Jameson), Japan (Nikka), United States (Platte Valley), Belgium (Goldlys), and so on.

I prefer to have a wide choice

At Cactus La Belle Etoile, by the entrance to the wine boutique the whole left-hand corner covering over ten metres is given over to our whisky department where 150 top whiskies, beautiful bottles and gift boxes are displayed: ranging from the very best Scottish single malts: Dalwhinnie – Cragganmore – Singleton – Aberlour – Lagavulin – to name but a few, to the finest blended Scotch whiskies such as Label 5 Finest – Chivas Regal, etc.

I taste my whisky

Like a fine vintage wine, whisky is best drunk without ice. It is important to choose the right glass too – it should be a stemmed glass, such as a tulip-shaped wine glass which concentrates the aromas.

As you pour your whisky into the glass look carefully at its colour as this will tell you about the type of barrels in which your whisky has been aged, as well as its age. 

Then inhale deeply and absorb the smell of the whisky’s initial aromas, including the fruity ones, and then swirl it around in your glass very gently to savour all the other aromas: earthy, spicy, woody and so on.

Take a few drops and keep them in your mouth for 10 seconds, let the whisky go from the tip of your tongue to the back and then finally swirl it round to cover your whole mouth before you swallow. And you’ll discover something truly wonderful!