My Favourite Beers

My Favourite Beers

Special beers from small breweries!

Special beers from small breweries!

A chilled beer with a distinctive taste – that’s the hallmark of a craft beer. Authentic, different, but always thirst-quenching, whether a pale, dark, amber or wheat beer… I always find exactly what I’m looking for at Cactus.

What should I pair my beer with?  

I’m looking for Luxembourg craft beers

You’ll find three craft beers from the Simon brewery in our stores:

Okult: Simon took this beer over in 2007 – it was initially brewed in Redange.

Wäissen and Wëllen Ourdaller: both Ourdaller beers were created when the microbrewery at Cornelyshaff in Heinerscheid was taken over in 2006.


Brasserie Simon

As a small player in a market focussed on Luxembourg, Brasserie Simon occupies a niche position as an artisanal brewer. Brewing takes place in Wiltz and alongside its great classics such as Simon Pils, Simon Régal and Simon Dinkel, the focus is on special beers while always searching for great quality. NEW: Simon IPA is the latest newcomer, and as its name suggests this is a special beer using aromatic hops which has been created for those who love a distinctive beer.


I’m choosing Belgian beers

We invite you to try these special names from the Greater Region which certainly merit a detour…

Brasserie La Rulles

The beers produced in the brewery in Rulles, a village in the Gaume region, are beers full of character and are guaranteed free of additives and spices. Neither filtered nor pasteurised, all Rulles beers go through a second fermentation in bottles and barrels. Three beers are brewed: Blonde, Triple and Estivale, and Meilleurs Vœux during the winter.

Brasserie Sainte-Hélène

The Sainte-Hélène brewery, located in Ethe near Virton has four speciality brews that are a must: Lily Blue, Mistinguett, Gypsy Rose and Simcoe lager – an American pilsner.

Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets

Based in Courtil where it produces its celebrated organic beer: Lupulus blonde, Lupulus brune and a Christmas beer for the winter period – Hibernatus.

Béole, a pale organic ale with all the flavour of the Ardennes summer, making it a light, easy-drinking beer (brewed at the “Les 3 Fourquets” brewery).

Brasserie Millevertus

In Breuvanne in the south of Luxembourg Province, Millevertus brews four specialities: La Douce Vertus, La Bella Mère, La Mère Vertus and – NEW – La Petite Vertus (a red malt beer).



Produced in Villers-devant-Orval in the Gaume region, in a brewery bearing the same name, GenGoulf is a pale beer with a slight amber colour. Full-bodied, it has plenty of character despite its mild flavour.


Ginette was created from the beautiful friendship between four men from Brussels who share a passion for ecology, nature and beer.

Ginette Triple Blonde

9°, with a taste of elderflower, a distinct flavour and subtle bitterness.
Made with organically farmed ingredients, Ginette is a fusion of craftsmanship and authentic taste.
Serve between 4° and 6°C.

Rex Artus Triple

Rex Artus Triple is a craft beer brewed in Belgium. In May 2015 it was voted third-best special beer in the world at the Australian Beer Awards and it features on menus in Belgium’s top restaurants, for example Karmeliet, Hertog Jan and Pastorale (15 Belgian Michelin-starred restaurants in all), as well as in restaurants abroad such as El Celler de Can Roca (2015 world’s best restaurant).


What should I pair my beer with?

Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions for matching beer with cheese.