My Garden

My Garden

Enjoy being an organic gardener!

Enjoy being an organic gardener!

Cactus hobbi has completely overhauled its gardening section and now provides me with organic products in line with its “Natierlech Cactus” philosophy, so as to encourage gardening enthusiasts like me to help preserve nature and the environment.

I say no to chemicals

We’ve taken measures, in particular, to protect bees by withdrawing all neonicotoid-based insecticides which are linked to their disappearance. We no longer sell anything “anti”: such as anti-slug, anti-moss, anti-weed products, along with whole groups of non-organic products which make responsible gardening impossible.


I want to learn how to garden organically

We offer organic gardening workshops for all beginners or budding gardeners who might appreciate some professional advice from our sales teams. Sign up for our forthcoming workshops which are free, interactive and last for up to an hour and a half.


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I choose trusted brand names

We hope you’ll come and visit our nurseries where you’ll find well-known names such as BOSCH, GARDENA, COMPO, NEUDORFF, FISKARS, EIFELHUM, etc. We can recommend these brands to you because we trust them: whether you need equipment for looking after your garden, your allotment or your orchard – we know that their tools will do the job perfectly.

I can get my garden tools serviced

Our after sales department can help you maintain your lawn mower.

After-sales service  

I support Cactus in its environmental commitments

Our commitment extends well beyond your garden. Working together with “natur&ëmwelt – Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur”, we’re supporting two major projects in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

De Cactus Bësch

Covering approximately 50 hectares, our “Cactus Bësch” is the largest woodland site run by “natur&ëmwelt”. With our financial support, the site has either been planted or left to develop into a natural and indigenous woodland area. Managing the site in this environmentally friendly way will help preserve its biodiversity and allow “Cactus Bësch” to develop into a woodland reserve made up of both natural and semi-natural managed woodland.

Would you like to explore our woodland?

Our woodland is waiting for you in Lieler in the North of Luxembourg where there is also a Yuppi educational nature trail which is great fun for both young and old alike.

Yuppi Léierpad  

De Cactus Bongert

The “Cactus Bongert” orchard is part of a national action plan which “natur&ëmwelt” has developed to prevent the disappearance of high-stem orchards. This traditional preservation orchard has therefore been planted with traditional varieties. Later on, the stems from these trees can be grafted and used to preserve and propagate these ancient varieties.

Would you like to explore our orchard?

Our orchard is in Ettelbruck, at Ditgesbaach – it has a Yuppi educational nature trail which is great fun for both young and old alike.

Yuppi Léierpad