My Fishmonger

My Fishmonger

Respect for nature and fish!

Le respect de la nature et de l’espèce!

Fresh fish caught using responsible, high-quality fishing methods, this is the Cactus motto for its entire range of fresh sea products and this is what I believe in.

I believe in the principles of responsible fishing

We no longer sell endangered species, such as emperor fish, shark, grenadiers, etc. – and we make sure that our fish are the correct size!

We refuse to sell live fish such as carp and eels; we condemn any unnecessary suffering inflicted on animals!


I trust in “small boat” fishing

We actively promote “small boat” fishing, i.e. inshore fishing over short periods of time which guarantees unbeatable freshness and quality!

I support sustainable fishing

We actively support Icelandic fishermen who use “line fishing”, a method which preserves the species, while ensuring sustainability as well as fish of outstanding quality!