“Contised” Chicken with Mascarpone and Tarragon

“Contised” Chicken with Mascarpone and Tarragon

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Contised chicken is a classic recipe which involves pealing back the skin on the chicken breasts to make a pocket into which truffle slices are inserted. We have adapted the recipe, updating it to suit modern taste.


free-range chicken (not exceeding 1.8 kg)
g mascarpone
bunch tarragon
ml olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
kg miniature potatoes (optional)
ml beer (Leffe type)

Prepare the chicken by removing the outer ends of the wings and drumsticks. Peel open the skin on the breasts by gently slipping your fingers in between the meat and the skin, starting from the wishbone. Continue until you get to the end of the breasts but without reaching the opposite side (be careful not to make any holes in the skin so that the mascarpone does not spill out while the chicken is cooking).

Prepare the tarragon by washing, trimming and then chopping it very finely. In a bowl, combine the mascarpone with the chopped tarragon and a tablespoonful of olive oil and then season with salt and pepper. Using a spoon, insert the mascarpone into the gap between the skin and the chicken breast meat and by massaging it gently spread the mixture evenly across the whole surface of the chicken breasts.

Take the Weber poultry infusion roaster and pour the beer into the container provided. Place the chicken on top of the poultry infusion roaster and making sure that the chicken is really stable, place the infusion cap inside its neck. Season the bird with salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil and arrange the potatoes around it.

Cook the chicken on the barbecue using indirect heat for about 50 minutes at 180-200 °C if using gas, and if using charcoal use a Weber briquette chimney starter. From time to time moisten the bird with a little beer. When cooked, remove the chicken, cut it into pieces and serve it straightaway with its sauce.

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