Carpaccio of tomatoes “Saveurs d’Antan”

Carpaccio of tomatoes “Saveurs d’Antan”

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Preparation time


tomatoes “Saveurs d’Antan”
g pine nuts
g parmesan shavings
large bunch of basil
pitted black olives
Salt, black pepper
For the salad dressing:
pitted black olives
cup of anchovy fillets in oil
tbsp balsamic vinegar
tbsp olive oil
tsp lemon juice

Wash and pat dry the tomatoes. Slice them very thinly and arrange them overlapping one another around the outside of the plates. Put to one side.

Using a non-stick frying pan, dry toast the pine nuts for a few moments without any oil. Remove from the heat.
Using a knife, shave the parmesan (or alternatively buy a pack of parmesan shavings).

Wash the basil and finely chop, keeping back a few nice leaves to decorate. Cut the 15 black olives into tiny pieces and put them to one side to use in the dressing.

Préparez la sauce :

Make the dressing by crushing the anchovy  fillets in a bowl with a fork. Then add the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and chopped olives and mix together thoroughly.

Pour a little dressing over the tomatoes and add the parmesan shavings, pine nuts and finely chopped basil. Season with salt and black pepper and serve immediately. Scatter over the whole black olives and a few basil leaves and place a tablespoonful of dressing in the centre of each plate.

For a variation using mozzarella, simply replace the parmesan with mozzarella.

A delicate red wine such as a Valpolicella makes an ideal accompaniment.

This makes a delicious starter when served with some nice wholemeal bread!

Enjoy your meal!



Discover a second variant of the recipe in the PDF.

Recipe: Carole Schiltz

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