Social and Human Commitments

Social and Human Commitments

A socially responsible company

A socially responsible company

At Cactus we respect everybody and we are mindful of our social responsibility towards people in the third world, producers from the South and all those who are most vulnerable here at home and across the globe.

Financial, human, logistical support

Cactus Charity

Since the founding of our company, we’ve been committed to helping the most disadvantaged by making contributions through funding, publicizing and using our human and organisational resources. All our philanthropic work has been brought together and is run under the name Cactus Charity. This project aims to help those who need it most and also to support our customers’ social initiatives. Anyone with a loyalty card can therefore convert their points into donations to six social and humanitarian organisations, well-known for their serious commitment and which Cactus has supported for many years.

They are Luxembourg Alzheimer Association, Luxembourg Food Bank, Luxembourg Red Cross, Cancer Foundation, Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner and UNICEF-Luxembourg.

Using your loyalty card, do a good deed with your points and choose one of the 6 charities we have supported for many years. When you're at the checkout, just state the number of points (500 points minimum = €5) that you wish to donate to the chosen charity.

Fair Trade

Our support for fair trade is long-standing. Fairtrade coffee first appeared in Cactus stores in 1993.

Nowadays, our supermarket ranges include over 120 Fairtrade food, fabric and flower products. We’re also committed to promoting Fairtrade goods to our customers and employees.

For example, Bruno Bio Fairtrade coffee has been the only coffee to be served in the group’s restaurants, bars, offices and canteens since 2008.

‘beim Lis’ grocery store

Set up by the Elisabeth Group, ‘beim Lis’ is a social grocery store employing people with mental health issues which opened in Roodt-Syre at the end of May 2017.

The project aims to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities in society by creating jobs and apprenticeships.

During the project’s 1st phase, Cactus has supported the Elisabeth Group by sharing its experience of the grocery business. The grocery store’s employees have taken part in training sessions at the Cactus Limpertsberg supermarket and two retired Cactus supermarket managers have been involved in setting up the grocery store to ensure that it complies with industry standards.

Yuppi Playground

To mark its jubilee, Cactus has donated a giant wooden Yuppi which children can climb inside and explore to the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg, run by the Parents Association for Mentally Disabled Children (APEMH).

Children can both play and learn in this new playground which is comprised of two sections linked by a climbing net. On one side there is an elevated platform from where children have a great view out over the dingoes enclosure.

On the other side is the giant 7 metre high mascot, inside which are stairs and an opening onto a slide.
The mascot has been built using top quality tree trunks (false acacia and oak) such as are found in the wild, thereby enhancing the unique character of the playground’s facilities.