Innovative ideas

Innovative ideas

At Cactus we are committed to supporting innovation and local start-ups in particular.

Innovative ideas

At Cactus we are committed to contributing to the Greater Region’s economic development in general and to supporting innovation and local start-ups in particular. For us, as an entrepreneurial and innovative group, it goes without saying that we believe it is up to the entrepreneurs of today to support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

So if you too are an entrepreneur and have an innovatory product you’d like to launch, get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to: .

We look forward to meeting you!

Lëtzebuerger Wäisse Wäin - Folie à 9°

We support the work of a group of young students from the Athénée de Luxembourg high school who have started producing wine as part of the “Fit for youth Entrepreneurship” project.   ...

Cactus Song Contest mat der Rockhal

With Rockhal’s Rocklab, we have found an invaluable partner to support and promote new music. By being involved with the “Screaming Fields” Festival we've encouraged young musicians / bands to come and take part in our “Cactus Song Contest” . The winner of the competition won an Artist Package, donated by Cactus and supervised by Rocklab.


Gaming Community Lëtzebuerg – 11F

We are working in partnership with 11F, a Luxembourg company which runs a resident community for gamers and enthusiasts of all types of sport and which uses digital platforms and local events to communicate with these young on-trend people.   ...

Video Story made by Whiteboard

In line with our aim to give support to innovative ideas, we’ve been making a video with “Whiteboard”, a Redange/Attert start-up, whose content is not based on film footage but on hand-drawn, animated illustrations against a white background. The two young founders produce the drawings themselves and are confident that this sort of video production offers added value.


Radar - creative studio

Promoting innovative ideas is a sure bet with Radar creative studio.

Since its focus is on the creativity and originality of its productions, Radar spares no effort to ensure that its output stands out from the rest. To celebrate our jubilee, the studio has designed a pioneering production technique for making our TV spots.

The luxembourgish artist, Sophie Garlinskas, who graduated from the Cinema Makeup School Los Angeles,...