Commercial Commitments

Commercial Commitments

Combining business and ethical principles

Combining business and ethical principles

We like to do business while at the same time supporting environmental and social causes or simply ensuring that we safeguard our natural resources and support small local producers.

Socially Responsible Products

Bio Naturbrout for natur&ëmwelt

Bio Naturbrout is a healthy, nutritious multi-grain bread and for each Bio Naturbrout sold, we promise to donate 10 centimes to natur&ëmwelt Fondatioun Hëllef fir d’Natur. The money raised goes towards supporting specific two-year projects. Since January 2017 the money raised has been used to protect the European tree frog.

Cactus Orange Juice for UNICEF

Since 2012, we’ve been supporting UNICEF-Luxembourg’s multi-annual campaign “Schools for Africa” by selling a socially responsible product: for each litre of Cactus own-brand orange juice sold, we’ve pledged to donate 10 centimes to the organisation to sponsor an educational project in the third world.

Responsible Fishing

Committed to responsible, quality fishing methods

We don’t sell endangered species such as the emperor fish, shark and grenadier and we respect minimum fish size. Likewise, we refuse to sell live fish such as carp and eels; we condemn any unnecessary suffering inflicted on animals!

Line and “small boat” fishing

We actively encourage “small boat” fishing, i.e. inshore fishing over short periods, a method which guarantees the freshest fish. We also actively support Icelandic fishermen who use “line fishing”, a method which ensures the sustainability of fish, as well as exceptional quality.

Local Producers

Eist Uebst a Geméis

The “Eist Uebst a Geméis” label brings together fruit farmers in Luxembourg and around the Moselle who grow apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries and vegetables too.

Since it was formed in 2002, we’ve been the exclusive supplier for these locally grown, top-quality fruit and vegetables.

This label has enabled a regional economy to develop; the producers have a real outlet as now they know for sure that they can sell everything they grow in our supermarkets.  

Bio Green Beef

Around twenty organic cattle breeding farms are involved in the “Bio Green Beef” scheme which produces organic meat from young cattle.  When the scheme’s specifications were being drawn up, animal welfare and environmental well-being, sustainability, traceability and quality of taste were the watchwords.
Since the scheme was launched in February 2018, we have been the sole retailer in Luxembourg to sell this unique product. The scheme came out of the National Action Plan to promote organic farming and “Bio Green Beef” draws on the synergies between the Administration of Technical Agricultural Services, the “Interessegemeinschaft  Vermarktung Lëtzebuerger Biofleesch asbl”, Convis and Cactus.


Cactus Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer

This label, which was introduced 20 years ago, aims to guarantee both superior quality beef for consumers as well as a fair income for breeders. At present, there are over 145 certified Luxembourg farmers involved in this quality label scheme who follow the label’s specifications meticulously. The label requires strict quality controls, respect for the environment and animal welfare, as well as traceability of all its meat down to each piece in store.

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Cactus Poulet vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer

In 2018, Cactus launched its “made in Luxembourg” chicken label.

Following the example of the Cactus beef label, the emphasis with this label is also on quality, animal welfare, traceability and a fair price for the producers, in order to make poultry sustainable in the Grand Duchy over the long term.

The label is based on a set of specifications which stipulate quality control at every level of production. With five poultry farmers, the production is small-scale, local and quality is of utmost importance.

Zesumme fir eis Bio-Baueren

The “Zesummen fir eis Bio Baueren” production chain was set up in 2019 because Cactus was determined to increase the percentage of organic agriculture in Luxembourg. More than ever before, it is vital to support sustainable solutions for our agriculture which allow farmers to find the best way of working and in perfect harmony with nature.
This is why we offer farmers, who are part of this production chain, predefined outlets for their harvests. And to proactively improve their income, we ensure that the purchase price for agricultural products is more lucrative.

Initially, we wanted to start by creating a range of high-quality organic breads, made with flour produced in Luxembourg or in the Greater Region. Encouraged by how popular these breads have been, we decided to expand our range and so are proud to now introduce organic apple cake, brioche and cramique raisin bread. We’ll continually expand the range, as iconic seasonal products, such as our Boxemännchen for St Nicolas and other new items become part of this chain.

Through this production chain, we’re supporting farmers to produce high-quality, certified organic raw materials because we’re determined to promote long-term partnerships with short, integrated supply chains. Cactus is totally committed to expanding, enhancing and securing value-creating food production chains.


Cactus and Fairtrade Luxembourg (known at the time as Transfair-Minka Luxembourg) started working together back in 1993 when Paul Leesch, who founded Cactus, recognized the importance of fair trade and straightaway embraced its values.
Since then, both partners have worked continually to strengthen their ties, both by promoting increased awareness of Fairtrade in the Luxembourg market and by working to ensure that workers involved in production processes in southern hemisphere countries receive a fair wage.


The first joint campaign run by Cactus and Fairtrade was the launch of Amigos coffee from the Dominican Republic in 1993.
Over time, Fairtrade products have featured ever more prominently among the goods available at Cactus. So much so that nowadays our coffee, fruit and vegetables, textiles, plants, chocolate, body care products, pastries and wine sections all include Fairtrade goods.

Today, there are over one hundred such products on our shelves, including our top-selling Bruno Bio Fairtrade coffee and Fairtrade bananas.


We are committed to providing you with the very best organic product for all your day-to-day needs. Without GMOs, without pesticides, without chemical fertilisers – without compromise!

In fact, organic goods have been available in our supermarkets since 1974.
However, it was in 1994 that organic goods really took off with our historic partnership with Biogros who started supplying us with its local BIOG brand, Luxembourg’s first organic brand. Through this partnership we can support local organic farming with fresh food and grocery products. This was possibly the first time that the grocery retail industry had worked so closely with the organic sector which back then was limited to a minority of consumers who went only to specialist shops.


We have gradually widened our range of organic goods by adding carefully selected brands such as Allos, Lima, Rapunzel and Demeter.
Finally, our organic product range has been further expanded with products from Alnatura, the German company, well known in the sector for excellent value for money.

Start up with Cactus !


Now, more than ever, Cactus, an innovator and entrepreneur for 50 years, is committed to helping entrepreneurs and start-ups in the food sector launch their products on the Luxembourg market and innovate together the food sector.

Today’s entrepreneurs giving support to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs!

So if you too are an entrepreneur and have an innovatory product you’d like to launch, get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to: