Cactus Hausgemaacht

Cactus Hausgemaacht

Mir maachen hausgemaachten Spezialitéiten aus Iwwerzeegung !

Mir maachen hausgemaachten Spezialitéiten aus Iwwerzeegung !

"We are committed to producing premium quality products at our 4 production workshops (patisserie, coffee roasting, cooked meats and catering) and, wherever possible, avoiding all the chemicals, additives and preservatives so often used by food multinationals. Quality without compromise!"

Fritz Kesseler ,
Cactus head of fresh produce and gourmet food enthusiast

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Cactus Hausgemaacht
Cactus Hausgemaacht
Cactus Hausgemaacht

Passionate about home-made products

A desire to supply home-made products is deeply rooted in the group's past with the first Leesch roasting facility set up on the Rue de Strasbourg in Luxembourg City in 1930.

de Schnékert Traiteur at Cactus!

Our supermarkets offer a range of freshly prepared, premium-quality dishes made for you by our caterer. Packed with fresh vegetables and first-class ingredients, just heat them up in their container for a lunchtime snack or evening meal.

Our caterer supplies a range of ready-made, freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and desserts at "Cactus Fresh" outlets – ideal for a quick snack without compromising on quality.

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We are a producer!

We are the only large retailer in Luxembourg with its own production facilities, namely our coffee roasting, patisserie, cooked meats and catering production facilities.


Our production facilities

For Cactus, producing home-made items is about more than just production. It takes passion which is shown by all our employees on a daily basis.

The master roaster

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The master pâtissier

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The master butcher

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The caterer

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Our passion in figures

de Schnékert Traiteur refrigerated lorries for ultra fresh deliveries
enthusiastic employees in the de Schnékert Traiteur production facilities in Windhof
professionally trained butchers working in a 4,000 m2 production area in Bertrange
35 tonnes of meat products produced weekly, e.g. wiener, Mettwurscht sausages, black pudding (Träipen), cooked ham and Cactus Hausgemaacht
“Bamkuch" baked every year in the Cactus Pâtisserie production facilities in Windhof
artisan coffee roasting on site since 1930

Cactus Nëmmen dat Bescht – We are convinced of it!

"Since 1900, we have retained our passion for quality goods at the best prices, whether it be in our supermarkets, restaurants or production facilities!"

Marc Hoffmann,
Cactus Marketing

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