Bifana Burger – Foire Agricole Ettelbruck (show cooking)

Bifana Burger – Foire Agricole Ettelbruck (show cooking)

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small Pains & Tradition burger baps
bacon slices
Gherkins – to taste
Black pepper
Andalusian sauce

Cut the baps in two

Thinly slice the gherkins

In a frying pan, fry the bacon slices over a gentle heat (no need to add olive oil)

Add the bifanas, season with salt and black pepper, and cook on both sides for 2 minutes

Spread some Andalusian sauce over both bap halves

Once the bifanas are ready place them on top of one bap half

Place the bacon slices and sliced gherkin on top of the bifanas

Lastly, place the other bap half on top

Tip : For a fun, relaxed evening, bifana burgers are absolutely delicious served with chips and a freshly made salad.

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