“Gesond iessen - Méi beweegen”

“Gesond iessen - Méi beweegen”

“Eat better – Move more”

“Gesond iessen - Méi beweegen”

“Eat better – Move more”

Cactus, offizielle Partner vum Programm “Gesond Iessen Méi Beweegen“


“Gesond iessen - Méi beweegen”  

“Eat better – Move more”

“GIMB”, an extensive programme with which Cactus is associated, is an initiative by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the Ministry of Family Affairs and Integration and the Ministry for the Greater Region. 

It is aimed at influencing the lifestyles of target groups for the long term: young children, children, adolescents, adults, senior citizens, whatever their social or ethnic origin, and whatever their state of health.

From September 2018 and throughout 2019, the Ministry of Health will be working in concert with Cactus.


Healthy and mindful food

For us, the subject of healthy and mindful food is not something new. 

In fact, Cactus has always operated along these lines, particularly for our younger customers, with brochures, cooking activities, and events where, with their mascot Yuppi, they are encouraged to eat well and to be more active…

Additionally, the ‘Yuppi Mini Laf’ runs and the ‘Yuppi Walk’ events are bringing younger people together throughout the year, to enjoy the fun of shared movement and to be healthily active.

Having the encouragement of the Ministry of Health’s support is, for Cactus, a further confirmation that this approach is now an active choice for society, and a public health issue. 

Practical advice

As the schools go back, follow the practical, fun, delicious and innovative advice that Cactus and the Ministry of Health are prepping for you, and live your life differently.

Rethink how you eat, cook, move…take control of your health and that of your nearest and dearest.

You can get there, and we are going to help you do it.

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