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Cactus Services

Always at your service!

Always at your service!

We have a whole array of services available for you in our stores. For further details ask our sales staff – they are there to serve you and will be pleased to help!

Why not try our services!

We are committed to making your life easier by offering you a range of services in our stores. Take advantage of our know-how and place your trust in us. Discover all the services we offer:

Fabrics and soft furnishings

You know exactly what you want to create?

Then you’ll also know that the only way to get it is custom-made soft furnishings. With the wide selection of fabrics available in our four Cactus hobbi stores, you’ll be able to choose different finishing touches and by combining curtains and soft furnishings you can mix and match different materials, all adding decorative elegance to your home.



Use our “Custom Framing” service available in our four Cactus hobbi stores to display your pictures, posters, paintings, art works, holiday souvenirs and other items to their very best advantage.


Paint mixing and matching

At Cactus hobbi we can offer you a range of over 1,650 different colours.

You have a specific colour in mind? Come and see us – with all the colour charts and reference catalogues we have available you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for. And when making your choice, you won’t get better help than from our professional sales team.



In our Cactus hobbi stores you can find customised and even personalised wallpaper.

Our experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect wall covering for your home.

With our Wall’n Go machine you can customise your very own wallpaper. Available at Cactus hobbi La Belle Etoile and Cactus hobbi Howald.



Your photos are in safe hands at the Photo counters in our stores.

Our partnership with Kodak means you are guaranteed exceptional quality whenever your photos are developed. And should you fancy something a little novel, you’re bound to find exactly what you want from Kodak ordering site.


Point Post

With the same opening hours as Cactus stores, “Point POST” counters conveniently offer you free parking spaces and the following postal services: you can buy stamps, post your mail and parcels, send registered mail and collect, return and forward mail items.

“Point POST” counters are available at Cactus hobbi Howald , at...

Built-in appliances

You want to have a new kitchen put in, remodel your old one or simply replace the odd faulty appliance; whatever you want to do we can help you! When it comes to buying and installing all your built-in electrical appliances, as well as after-sales service, your Cactus hobbi store is the market leader.



Depending on the product in question, it can either be assembled on our premises or at the customer’s home.

In the latter case, our assembly team will arrange an appointment to specify the exact details of the delivery and service required, which includes assembly, checking that the product or appliance starts and works correctly and taking away any packaging.


Home delivery

Most of our items are packaged in flat and good-quality packaging to make transportation easier. However, if your car is not big enough, take advantage of our team of delivery drivers to have your bulky non-food purchases delivered to the desired address.