“Zesumme fir eis Bio-Baueren” - A BIOG, Cactus and Pains & Tradition Initiative

“Zesumme fir eis Bio-Baueren” - A BIOG, Cactus and Pains & Tradition Initiative

22 May 2019
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United in the strong belief that organic farming should be valued and promoted, BIOG, the Luxembourg organic farmers cooperative, Pains & Tradition, the artisanal bakery based in Hautcharage, and Cactus have launched a production chain to grow cereals organically and mill them to produce flour which is then used to make slow-baked bread. Collaboration has been established that brings together farmers from the Greater Region, bakers and grocers with the aim of providing consumers with a product that safeguards traditional, age-old know-how and respects people and our land.

Step by step

The BIOG cooperative collects the cereals that come from Luxembourg and takes them to a 100% organic mill. Only when local cereals run out, may BIOG seek supplies from organic farmers in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) and the Province of Luxembourg (Belgium).

Pains & Tradition, the artisanal bakery, makes five speciality breads using this organic flour. A passionate advocate of slow-baking, Pains & Tradition abides by the principles of traditionalist production methods and does not use additives or ready-made mixes. Their manufacturing process is based around the dough and its maturing process rather than an organised productivity rationale. To produce bread with exceptional quality and taste, Pains & Tradition waits as long as is necessary for each fermentation stage.

Finally, the fresh loaves arrive in our Cactus supermarkets to the delight of customers who want to be able to buy good authentic, organic bread. With our extensive experience of setting up eco-friendly commodity chains – Cactus Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer, Eist Uebst a Geméis, Cactus Poulet vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer and Bio Green Beef – Cactus will carry on making shoppers aware of the importance of buying locally and responsibly, while ensuring that people and nature are respected.

Innovation to help organic farming

In addition, the three partners are committed to supporting a sustainable project each year through financial contributions. In the first few years, this money will fund a scientific project based on the SMART analysis tool (Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment RouTine). The project is being run by the Luxembourg Institute for Organic Farming and Agriculture (Institut fir biologesch Landwirtschaft an Agrarkultur Luxemburg, IBLA) and will help farmers in the sector manage their businesses sustainably.

By taking this qualitative approach, backed by its trusted partners, Cactus is tirelessly committed to continuing to offer its customers “Nëmmen dat Bescht”.

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