Video Game Highlights

Video Game Highlights

15 September 2021
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Game Watch - The Legend of Zelda

Release: 12 november 2021

Preorder until 5 november 2021

Switch Lite – Dialga&Palkia Edition

Release: 5 november 2021

Preorder until 29 october 2021

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Latest news

26 October 2021

Cactus Hausgemaacht

If we are so proud of our in-house products, it’s because we are delighted to be able to offer you excellent products in our stores, created with artisan skill by our specialists. Whether that is in our patisserie workshop, our coffee roasting facilities, our butcher’s shop or our event catering department, we go the extra mile to meet whatever your day-to-day needs are. Nëmmen dat Bescht: meticulously-selected ingredients and gourmet recipes that respect the culinary heritage of our forebears...
26 October 2021

The riches of autumn

Enjoy the best seasonal vegetables grown on local farms for us. Right now, our partner market gardeners are offering you a selection of vegetables that are rich in flavour and in colour: carrots, cabbages, squashes, beets and leeks. Whether as a salad or prepared as soups, seasonal vegetables will give you the maximum in vitamins, to face up to winter in the best of shape. Seasonal, and full of vitamins! function myFunction1() {"
26 October 2021

Boxemännchen - Et ass erëm un der Zäit…

Do you remember the joy when, as a young child, you discovered that the Boxemännercher were back on the shelves in the supermarkets? It was an undeniable sign that the Feast of St. Nicholas, with all its fun and surprises, was rapidly approaching. Allow yourself to be delighted by this foretaste of the end-of-year festivities, and explore our range of Boxemännercher, each one more beautiful and delicious than the last. A new treat to discover this year is the Boxemännchen Schuedi. Rich in...
15 October 2021

Be happy, eat happy! Now also available at your supermarkets Cactus Bettembourg store

Created by experienced chefs, EatHappy sushi comes in many variations, from the traditional to the most sophisticated sushi, it’s all there. To ensure that you enjoy the finest flavours nothing has been left to chance. All the ingredients have been very carefully selected, so the salmon comes from Norway, the rice from Italy and the vegetables are grown locally. A perfect combination of exceptional quality and great enjoyment as you eat! Available in your Cactus Howald, Belle Etoile, Bascharage...