Sustainable shopping with reusable boxes

Sustainable shopping with reusable boxes

20 October 2020
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We’re always looking for ways to help make your shopping more eco-responsible, and so we’re constantly searching for innovative, environmentally-friendly products.

Take a look at our new eco-friendly ideas for transporting your shopping home .

Cactus folding boxes

Our range of Cactus folding boxes has evolved and a new version, manufactured from recycled materials, is now available in your Cactus stores.

Although the material has changed to be more environmentally-friendly, all the features which were so greatly appreciated in the old models have been retained; in particular, a genuinely strong material guaranteeing a durable product capable of handling repeated loads.

Whether for transporting your shopping easily and stowing it securely in your car, or maybe for organising perfect storage in the home – your new box is made to last.

Currently available in black-grey, other colours will be coming on-stream soon.

FSC cardboard box

This box is made using FSC-certified paper originating from responsibly-managed forests.

The inks used are water-based, and are therefore similarly compatible with the concept of environmentally-friendly packaging.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle
Reduce your environmental footprint thanks to this reusable transport box. And thanks to the FSC-certified paper, your box can be recycled via the conventional paper products collection system – it’s easy, it’s quick and it’s environmentally-friendly.

Perfect dimensions for your shopping!
l x w x h: 52cm x 32cm x 28.5cm

our reusable alternatives  

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