Speciality Bread - May - Körnli Bread

Speciality Bread - May - Körnli Bread

30 April 2018
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Why choose Körnli Bread?

This multi-cereal artisanal bread has a generous, chewy inside and a crunchy crust with toasted seeds.

The cereals (70% wheat, 18% rye, 6% oats, 2% barley, 2% corn, 2% millet) are combined with sourdough which turns all the flavours into a really tasty combination. With its delicious whole grains – linseed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds – this bread is perfect for breakfast time and goes particularly well with cheese.

Available until 3 June. Once the month is over, this Pain Découverte will no longer be available in our range of standard breads.

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