New & Trendy

New & Trendy

21 May 2019
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Read about a selection of the trendiest new items: in food, drinks, perfumery, dairy products, new technologies, etc.

New trends with something to suit everyone!

With the MSI Gaming Notebook you’re ready for combat!
When you play your video games you want to be immersed in a world of unforgettable moments and experiences? MSI gaming notebooks offer you exclusive, high-performance technologies that allow you to play your games at a higher level with the “Cooler Boost” cooling system, as well as the latest generation of processors and graphics cards. Available at Cactus La Belle Etoile and Cactus Bascharage.

“SymBIOse” in symbiosis with nature
On sale exclusively at Cactus, once you pour the “Krier-Bisenius” wine estate’s new organic crémant “SymBIOse” into your glass, you will enjoy a very special taste experience. Produced on this entirely organic family estate, the crémant’s finely balanced flavour with aromas of ripe fruit, peaches and apricots is bound to make it a firm favourite with all those who enjoy drinking great sparkling wines.

“The Better Bitter” – Battor aperitif bitters
Produced in Luxembourg using natural ingredients and artisanal methods, this new bitters from “Battor” is a refreshing, orange and apple based fruity liqueur. Its typically bitter flavour comes from gentian and Chinese cinnamon bark. Added to beer, white wine or crémant, it makes a wonderful aperitif drink.

The new star in the dairy section
You’ll be astonished by ISEY SKYR yoghurt’s fresh, creamy texture. Made with skimmed milk, it’s high in protein but low in fat. This delicious yoghurt from Iceland comes in a variety of flavours, so there’s something to please everyone!

Original Rainbow Rope that’s so much fun!
When we were young we all used to play with string games – now it’s our children’s turn! With ZTRINGZ they’ll be able to create over 45 cool figures. The colourful, rainbow rope will keep your children’s restless little hands entertained for hours. The only question is who will manage to come up with the most complicated knots....

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Latest news

16 October 2019

FREE Lights and Tyres Check

Visit us for a free Lights and Tyres check. Come to the car park between 10:30 am and 6 pm at the following stores: Cactus Remich Monday 14.10.19 Cactus Kayl Wednesday 16.10.19 Thursday 17.10.19 Cactus Redange Monday 28.10.19 Cactus Bereldange Monday 04.11.19 Cactus Howald Tuesday 05.11.19 Cactus Bettembourg Thursday 07.11.19 Cactus Bascharage Tuesday 12.11.19 Wednesday 13.11.19
15 October 2019

Dress up for Halloween

Witch, skeleton, monster, zombie, ghost, vampire and so on – the world of horrors is getting ready for its Halloween evening. Create your own costume using the right accessories and surprise everyone with the scariest, spookiest costume of the year. You’ll find a wide choice in our stores. function myFunction1() {""); } See our offers
15 October 2019

It’s Pumpkin Season!

Delicious, full of vitamins and highly decorative, pumpkins have so much to offer. When cooking with pumpkins, there are so many different ways to use them and so many simple but tasty ways to prepare them. Once cut up, pumpkins are often used to make a delicious soup that is served with lardons and cream. But why not try baking your pumpkin in the oven or even frying it. As well as the flesh, there are the seeds which when toasted and salted make a great accompaniment for your aperitif drinks...
15 October 2019

Your New Look Cactus Kayl!

After several months of building work, your Cactus Kayl team can now welcome you to an entirely revamped and redesigned modern store which is also totally in keeping with the sense of comfort and customer satisfaction that Cactus aims to make a daily reality: outside the supermarket has had a facelift and inside the aisles have been widened to make shopping a more pleasant experience. We thank you for your patience and the loyalty you have shown as customers over these past few months and we...