New & Trendy

New & Trendy

21 May 2019
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Read about a selection of the trendiest new items: in food, drinks, perfumery, dairy products, new technologies, etc.

New trends with something to suit everyone!

With the MSI Gaming Notebook you’re ready for combat!
When you play your video games you want to be immersed in a world of unforgettable moments and experiences? MSI gaming notebooks offer you exclusive, high-performance technologies that allow you to play your games at a higher level with the “Cooler Boost” cooling system, as well as the latest generation of processors and graphics cards. Available at Cactus La Belle Etoile and Cactus Bascharage.

“SymBIOse” in symbiosis with nature
On sale exclusively at Cactus, once you pour the “Krier-Bisenius” wine estate’s new organic crémant “SymBIOse” into your glass, you will enjoy a very special taste experience. Produced on this entirely organic family estate, the crémant’s finely balanced flavour with aromas of ripe fruit, peaches and apricots is bound to make it a firm favourite with all those who enjoy drinking great sparkling wines.

“The Better Bitter” – Battor aperitif bitters
Produced in Luxembourg using natural ingredients and artisanal methods, this new bitters from “Battor” is a refreshing, orange and apple based fruity liqueur. Its typically bitter flavour comes from gentian and Chinese cinnamon bark. Added to beer, white wine or crémant, it makes a wonderful aperitif drink.

The new star in the dairy section
You’ll be astonished by ISEY SKYR yoghurt’s fresh, creamy texture. Made with skimmed milk, it’s high in protein but low in fat. This delicious yoghurt from Iceland comes in a variety of flavours, so there’s something to please everyone!

Original Rainbow Rope that’s so much fun!
When we were young we all used to play with string games – now it’s our children’s turn! With ZTRINGZ they’ll be able to create over 45 cool figures. The colourful, rainbow rope will keep your children’s restless little hands entertained for hours. The only question is who will manage to come up with the most complicated knots....

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Latest news

23 July 2019

Video Game Highlights

Stay up-to-date! Follow the most recent news and events on Pre-order here! Death Stranding Special edition PS4 84,99 € Release: 8 november 2019 Preorder until 31 october 2019 Death Stranding Collector edition PS4 209,99 € Release: 8 november 2019 Preorder until 31 october 2019 Death Stranding PS4 74,99 € Release: 8 november 2019 Preorder until 31 october 2019 Watchdogs Legion Ultimate Edition + Figurine PS4 - XBOX 69,99 € Release: 6 march 2020 Preorder until 28 february 2020 Watch dogs...
16 July 2019

Exploring the Cactus Bësch in Lieler

Make the most of the lovely sunny weather and come and explore the “Cactus Bësch” in Lieler, in the municipality of Clervaux. This nature reserve covers 50 hectares and is the largest woodland site run by natur&emwëlt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur. Since 1993, Cactus has pledged its ongoing support to the Foundation and with Cactus’ financial commitment it has been possible to develop this site into a natural, indigenous woodland area and so preserve its biodiversity. The “Yuppi Léierpad”...
16 July 2019

Sagres BBQ Party

Do You Want to Come and Party with Sagres and Cactus? We’re pleased to be able to invite you to our BBQ party with musical entertainment on 27 July 2019 at the Nothumb-Weyland farm. There’ll be some real treats: delicious Sagres beer, "Cactus Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer" label barbecued meat, DJ sessions and more. This event will be held at the Nothumb-Weyland Farm in Useldange from 6 pm to 1am. Free parking is available on site. Register as soon as possible and by 21 July at the very...
16 July 2019

Summertime Breads

A never-ending assortment Soft and chewy on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside, you’ll love our range of summertime breads with their authentic taste. Topped with Mediterranean herbs, filled with lardons, tomatoes or olives, these breads are ideal to eat with salads or tapenade and are also simply delicious just as they are. And to enjoy even more crunch, why not try toasting them on your barbecue. This summer, Cactus brings you the very finest breads with some irresistible flavours...