Let’s talk bread!

Let’s talk bread!

15 September 2020
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“Listen to the crunch of the crust, breathe in the fragrance of the sourdough, touch the soft honeycombed crumb and let yourself be swept away and enjoy the authentic flavours of real bread. Yes, because this unique taste is the signature of the artisan baker’s expertise – the baker who follows all the key steps to produce properly fermented bread!

The quest to find good bread goes hand in hand with choosing a high-quality diet.
In the 20th century, the huge influx of swelled cereals, crackers and cheap industrially-produced bread packed with all sorts of artificial additives and improvers, led to the slow decline of artisan bakers and their specialist know-how.

Fortunately, over the past few years, passionate artisans have been fighting to protect their crust and to give consumers a taste again for the sort of bread we used to eat, bread which benefits from being slowly kneaded, left to rest for a long time and which is made from natural sourdough, whose health benefits we’re all aware of.

It’s true that we’re a supermarket and that we don’t produce bread, but just like artisan bakers, we’re totally committed to providing you with the finest breads.

How? By carefully selecting our partners and demanding that they use top-quality ingredients and expertise that respects both people and nature.

But also, by guaranteeing you fresh bread daily, properly baked and professionally checked by our specialist staff.
So, we invite you to come to our Cactus bakeries and discover or rediscover the 'Pains & Tradition' range made by our partner who champions 'slow baking' and real bread.”

Catherine Delsaute
Cactus Bakery

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Latest news

27 October 2020

Our opening hours on All Saints' Day

Our stores will be open at the usual opening hours on Saturday 31st October. Our stores will be closed on Sunday 1st November (All Saints’ Day). We wish you a very happy All Saints’ Day!
27 October 2020

Lëtzebuerger Whisky

éim Néckels Produced by the Muller-Lemmer distillery in Contern, “Éim Néckels” is made with local rye which the distillery farms itself. Both light and easy to digest, this whisky has a gorgeously mild, subtle flavour with notes of vanilla and fruity aromas. Donven’s Single Malt 6 ans Produced by the Diedenacker distillery in Niederdonven, Donven’s Single Malt 6-Year-old Whisky is made with malt and Luxembourg rye. Aged in oak barrels, previously used for Luxembourg wine, this whisky will...
27 October 2020

D’Boxemännercher si rëm do!

As we wait for the Saint Nicolas festival, “Boxemännercher” are back again in our stores. Made by our partner baker Jos & Jean-Marie, these Fairtrade Boxemännercher, filled with delicious Fairtrade chocolate and produced without palm oil, support fair trade. What’s more, for each one sold, Cactus will donate 10 cents to the Fondation Lëtzbuerger Kannerduerf, with the money going particularly to “SOS Kannerduerf Mersch”. Try our ORGANIC Boxemännercher too, a new product made with organic...
27 October 2020

Our own Cactus in-house production

Whether in our restaurants, supermarkets or production units, we share with our customers the same passion: a passion for food of the finest quality. In our four production units in Windhof and Bertrange – charcuterie, patisserie, coffee roasting and deli food – we’re totally committed to producing high-quality products. And we do this while avoiding, as far as possible, all additives and other preservatives: our products are produced from simple, natural ingredients using fine raw materials,...