Gardening naturally! – Cactus hobbi Natierlech!

Gardening naturally! – Cactus hobbi Natierlech!

5 September 2017
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You want to take up gardening but lack the knowledge to do so?

For all newbie gardeners, Cactus hobbi will be holding interactive gardening workshops. The experts at our Cactus hobbi shops will show you how to garden naturally and will answer all your questions.

The workshops are free of charge and will be held simultaneously in Luxembourgish and French .

Duration of a workshop : 60 – 90 min

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"Learn how to prepare your garden for the winter"

How should you get your garden and your lawn ready for winter? Our experts will tackle the following topics interactively with the participants:

Caring for your lawn, creating a new lawn, sowing during the right periods, mowing based around the weather, planting tulip bulbs in autumn. How can you protect your plants during winter? What work needs to be done in the autumn? How should you prune a rose bush and other plants?

Saturday 30 September :
- 10 am at Cactus hobbi Belle Etoile
- 14 pm at Cactus hobbi Bascharage

Saturday 7 October :
- 10 am at Cactus hobbi Diekirch
- 14 pm at Cactus hobbi Howald

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