Cactus is Looking to the Sun

Cactus is Looking to the Sun

23 July 2019
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Did you know that the roof of our Cactus Redange store has 2,400 solar panels which produce enough electricity annually to supply 120 family homes?

Driven by the same determination to commit to sustainable action for the environment, Cactus and Enovos formed a partnership and set up a joint company to build and operate photovoltaic installations. Encasol now manages three systems which have been installed on Cactus supermarket roofs. In all, 7,416 panels have been installed: 2,400 in Redange, 1,584 in Ingeldorf and 3,432 in Bascharage.

With total power of 1,631 kW, these three installations produce over 1,500,000 kWh each year, which is equivalent to the total annual consumption of some 370 Luxembourg households. Customers can get real-time information from digital panels located in the malls of these three stores about the solar energy produced. At the same time, Enovos and Cactus have also installed charging stations on many car parks that electric car owners can use.

Cactus and Enovos – a long-term partnership working to protect the environment.

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13 December 2019

Super discount from 13/12 to 15/12

Take advantage of our exceptional discount! From Friday 13th December to Sunday 15th December on the computing, phones, sound and vision department Excludes promotions, consoles, games and related products *You’ll get the discount via a discount voucher which you receive at the till. Your voucher can be used in all Cactus stores by 31 December 2019, except restaurants and bars. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Discount not cumulative.
10 December 2019

Nëmmen dat bescht fir an är Fondue!

It’s Fondue Season Fondues are perfect for winter evenings and require only minimal preparation. For meat lovers there’s fondue bourguignonne and there are plenty of tasty Swiss cheeses too so that a great time with friends and family is guaranteed! We have a delicious selection of meats and cheeses that will be a sure hit for your festive meals: Appenzeller, platters with a mix of different meats and meatballs. With such a choice of fresh products available now, let the festivities begin!...
9 December 2019

Loterie Nationale price draw

Enter to win a Loterie Nationale “lucky deal” worth €15! The prize draw runs from 9 to 22 December 2019. Open the Cactus app and answer the question asked in the Competitions section. With a bit of luck you will win a Loterie Nationale “lucky deal” worth €15! Altogether there are 15 “lucky deals” to be won! Good luck!
3 December 2019

Our special opening hours for the upcoming weeks

Prepare your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties as is most convenient for you! Here are our special opening hours for the upcoming weeks: DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE