Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016

Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016

- Outdoor Edition -

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Congratulations to the winners of the Cactus Fit Food Challenge - Outdoor Edition.

Mission #1 Rosport: PRISKA • Mission #2 Tropicana: KORAK • Mission #3 Bonduelle: METACADABRA • Mission #4 Chiquita: NLUSOS • Mission #5 Minute Maid: CESENA  • Mission #6 Luxlait: WILOPOLY • Mission #7 Balade: DMATAIGNE • 3e Prix (500€): HOA • 2e Prix (1500€): ALF • 1er PRIX (5000€): DMATAIGNE

Get Moving • Get Exploring • Get Prizes!

Download your free "Cactus Fit Food Challenge 2016 - Outdoor Edition" app, take part in this major competition we’re running and win a whole year’s free shopping at Cactus*. As well as the main prize, there are loads of other prizes waiting for you every week!

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Clock up as many steps as you can, solve various puzzles and get to look at some very impressive scenery!

How can I collect points?

You can score points by:

  • taking steps  (100 steps = 1 point),
  • earning badges (up to 250 points)
  • correctly answering questions about our partner products (up to 30 points) and
  • by visiting particular locations in Luxembourg (up to 1,500 points).

You’ll find the exact coordinates for these locations by answering questions about our partner products. To access these questions and solve the puzzles, you’ll need to be near a Cactus Supermarket or Marché store and have an internet connection. The questions will only be available for a certain period of time and thereafter you’ll no longer be able to access the coordinates. However, you’ll still be able to claim the points for any location you’ve discovered until the end of the competition on 11 September at 23.59 pm.

The main prize winner will be the person with the highest number of points (steps, badges and quests) and these can be collected from 18 July 00.00 am until 11 September 23.59 pm.

In addition to the main prize of a year’s free shopping at Cactus*, every week you’ll have the opportunity of winning other great prizes by clocking up the most points in that week.

* 1st prize: a year’s free shopping worth €5,000 • 2nd prize: €1,500 • 3rd prize: €500

Game rules

Practical information

To take part in this competition you’ll need:

  • smartphone with iOS (iPhone 5s and version 9 or higher) or Android system (Version 4.4 or higher) and certain built-in sensors (e.g.  a pedometer).
  • an internet connection. Participants are responsible for any costs incurred.
  • a valid email address, so we can contact you if you win a prize.

  • Your data can only be stored for up to seven days offline on your phone, so please make sure that you open your app on a regular basis and upload your data – otherwise you’ll miss out on your points.
  • Please take care whenever you set off on a quest! You’ll be enjoying the great outdoors and the going might get steep so watch where you step, take something to drink with you and remember to take your rubbish home with you.
  • We reserve the right to exclude participants from the competition without giving notice should we suspect fraud.

Terms and conditions


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