A Cactus Drink Shop Close to You

A Cactus Drink Shop Close to You

23 July 2019
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The DRINK SHOP concept has been designed to make it easier for you to buy large, heavy liquid products, such as crates of bottles and other bulky items. There are now 13 in our stores across Luxembourg.

They’re available at the following Cactus supermarkets: Bascharage, la Belle Etoile, Bereldange, Bettembourg, Esch/Lallange, Howald, Ingeldorf, Kayl, Mersch, Pétange, Redange, Remich and Windhof.


Faced with the challenge of recycling plastic bottles, going back to using glass bottle deposit schemes is a new habit for many of us but it’s a tried and tested traditional way of recycling that’s coming back into fashion.

How does it work?

  • Buy a crate with the item of your choice in glass bottles.*
  • Pay the upfront deposit* for the bottles and crate – just once.
  • Load your purchases into your car in the car park outside.

Safe and sustainable eco-recycling

Since glass is 100% recyclable, there are no harmful waste products for the environment. Moreover, throwing away deposit scheme bottles makes no sense!

Zero transfer

Glass is a 100% neutral material so it’s impossible for any substance to migrate to the food it contains. Glass is the safest food container.

The advantages of using your drink shop

Located next to Cactus supermarkets car parks, you can go to your local Cactus Drink Shop to return your deposit scheme bottles and collect new supplies at the same time:

  • No bulky items in your trolley
  • Close to where you live
  • Deposit scheme glass is returned over the counter – or use the automatic machines to return your items
  • Accessible directly from the car park
  • Help available upon request to load your car
  • Easy to use

In your Drink Shop you’ll find crates of water, beer, juice, various soft drinks and other items that are too bulky for trolleys (25kg bag of potatoes, laundry products, toilet paper, etc.).

You want glass – we’re working on it… as your demand increases so does our supply!

Very soon you’ll be able to drink new local bottled water…

*You pay a deposit amount upfront which you get back once you return the bottles. If you take away the same crate in exchange for your empty crate and bottles, you’ll only pay the net price of the items you buy. This works on the circular economy principle, because once money has been invested in the cost of the deposit, the glass bottles will be refilled, used, cleaned and then filled again by the supplier.

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