BEWOSST liewen ! Can you trust what's on the label?

BEWOSST liewen ! Can you trust what's on the label?

2 April 2018
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promoting organic products is an ethical choice too, as we support organic producers to expand production in the Greater Region,  guaranteeing them a direct return with a nearby market to sell their produce.


we’re striving to offer an ever-increasing range of organic items in all our stores and we’ll carry on doing so!

Read more about the commitment we’ve made - and like us become an ambassador for natural, organic products.

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Latest news

17 April 2018

Crazy about Cactus emoji®-STIXX!

Are you also a fan of Cactus emoji®-STIXX? Share your best Cactus emoji®-STIXX moments with us! How do you use them? Where? At home, on windows, on glasses, at the office, in your car? Send us your best photos! You’ve already got 4 “happy” emoji®-STIXX but not the unicorn? Swap them with other fans! Follow us on our facebook page
17 April 2018

Natural ways of caring for your lawn and indoor plants

Come and join our workships! At Cactus hobbi , we are constantly expanding our range to include more and more environmentally friendly products. Come and take a look with us at some alternatives to chemical products! On 2 and 16 June our Cactus hobbi experts invite you to our interactive workshops on sustainable gardening at the Belle Etoile Cactus hobbi and the Bascharage Cactus hobbi. Find out more about natural ways of caring for your lawn and indoor plants! subscriptions
17 April 2018

New: Alnatura organic products in the frozen section

We are constantly expanding our range of organic products to meet all your daily needs. With the Alnatura brand, the organic market leader in Germany, we offer you the very best value for money on the market. Discover now our range of Alnatura frozen products: pizzas, raspberries, spinach, mixed berries, tartes flambées, chips and much more awaits you in the frozen section. Why not also try the delicious Alnatura Sélection ice creams!
10 April 2018

Collect the emoji®-STIXX at Cactus!

Collect the 24 emoji®-STIXX from now until 6 May! emoji®-STIXX: mini rubber figurines which have a suction pad in place of a foot so you can stick them to tables, windows, glass panels, etc. How to collect? 1) You’ll be given 1 pouch containing 1 emoji®-STIXX for any purchase made over a minimum amount of €10. 2) You will receive an extra pouch for every €25 spent. 3) Look out for our partner products* – when you buy them you’ll get an extra pouch too (for any purchase made over a minimum...