BEWOSST FËSCHEN! What will tomorrow's seas look like?

BEWOSST FËSCHEN! What will tomorrow's seas look like?

5 February 2018
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“Bewosst” or fully aware

Our marine resources are not limitless and many marine species are overharvested. We refuse to buy fish at the best price if this fish has come from large industrial boats which use bottom trawls! We want to guarantee you fresh fish of the very highest quality, while opting for responsible fishing and contributing to sustainable development of the seas.

Do you agree with us?

Read more about our commitment, how to prevent overexploitation of the seas. And let’s become together ambassadors for the consumption of fish products which offer quality without compromise.

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Latest news

2 March 2018


From 2 to 10 March at La Belle Etoile You have a bicycle to sell or want to buy one at a good price? Why not visit the used bike market held in La Belle Etoile underground car park (near Cactus hobbi). You can drop off your used bike on 2 and 3 March, the sale will take place from 2 to 10 March. You set the price and if your bike is sold, you will receive the amount in the form of a La Belle Etoile shopping voucher. For each bike sold, we will donate 5 euros to the Luxembourg Red Cross.
26 February 2018

“Mobility in all its aspects”

From 26.02 until 10.03 at Cactus Bettembourg In the photo exhibition “La mobilité sous tous les angles” (“Mobility in all its aspects”) the City of Luxembourg’s photo library makes you discover a variety of images from all the decades of the 20th century. The photos recall forgotten moments such as the tram, old cars, bicycles and everything related to mobility in and around the capital. Visit the Cactus Bettembourg shopping mall and go on a trip through time.
20 February 2018

Competition: FIFA World Cup 2018™

From 20/02 to 04/03 2018 Win 5 x 2 tickets for a FIFA World Cup 2018™ match in Moscow You can now take part with our online version! Participate here! You can also take part with our Cactus application on your smartphone! Or take part by giving the correct answer to the question you’ll find on the competition form which you’ll be given at the till in your Cactus store. See the rules function ezAccordion(sSelector) { var a = this; a.container = $(sSelector); a.item = a.container.find('...
13 February 2018

New at Cactus: “Recipe Box” with vegetables

Why not try our new “Recipe Box” range and buy all your vegetables in one go? Each box contains a recipe along with all the fresh vegetables needed to make it. So you don’t need to waste any more time going round the vegetable stands. All you need do is follow the instructions and try out some new flavours! Available now in all Cactus supermarkets: Italian-style lasagne, sweet potato soup, Indian Madras curry.