24 October 2018

Cactus Shoppi to open in Howald

Visit the new Cactus Shoppi grocery store, which opens on Wednesday 24 October, at the Shell petrol station in Howald. You can now enjoy the whole range that makes Cactus Shoppi what it is: a vast selection of organic products, fresh produce, de Schnekert Traiteur ready-to-eat dishes and artisanal baguettes from Pains & Traditions... and so much more! Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 6.30 am to 11 pm. And also on Sundays from 8am to 8pm. CACTUS SHOPPI Howald
23 October 2018

The secret of a delicious choucroute

Inspired by cabbage that’s transformed into sauerkraut – this widely popular dish would not be such a resounding success if it weren’t for the traditional meat specialities served with it and which give it their flavour: real artisanal charcuterie meats, cooked smoked sausages and a whole range of other different meats: cured, smoked and totally traditional. The Cactus Hausgemaacht logo guarantees you authentic products of exceptionally high quality produced using traditional methods by our...
23 October 2018

You’ve been waiting for game to arrive: Well, now it’s here!

Fabulous in all its forms Just as barbecues go with fine weather, as soon as autumn arrives game resumes its rightful place on our menus, much to the delight of all those who love it. Game is available in the butcher’s section, at the deli meats section and also as ready-prepared food. This means that depending on what takes your fancy, you have fresh meat to cook yourself which you can either gently simmer to make a stew or grill if you’ve opted for choice fillets. You’ll find plenty to enjoy...
23 October 2018


On 24 October, Superjhemp, the Luxembourg superhero who draws his strength from our famous Luxembourg Kachkéis , will be appearing on our cinema screens. To save his “small” Luxembourg from cosmic annihilation, this middle-aged civil servant in full midlife crisis has to recover his lost super powers and face his greatest fear: his family! Avec « Superjhemp retörns », le réalisateur Félix Koch a créé une comédie familiale, inspirée des personnages de la bande dessinée de Roger Leiner et Lucien...
19 October 2018

Video Game Highlights

Stay up-to-date! Follow the most recent news and events on Pre-order here! Bundles Nintendo SWITCH Switch Let's Go Eevoli: 399,99€ (Release: 16/11/2018) Switch Let's Go Pikachu: 399,99€ (Release: 16/11/2018) Switch Let's Go Super Smach Bros: 379,99€ (Release: 7/12/2018) Product images can be found on the pre-order form. Preorder here Bundle Nintendo SWITCH with Diablo Release date: 2 November 2018 399,99€ Preorder until 26 October 2018 Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition Release date: 14...
17 October 2018

Cactus Shoppi to open in Dudelange

Visit the new Cactus Shoppi grocery store, which opens on Wednesday 17 October, at the Texaco petrol station in Dudelange. Come and find fresh and ready-to-eat products: sandwiches to be savoured hot and cold, dishes prepared by de Schnékert Traiteur, salads, smoothies, etc. Stock up on vitamins with loose fresh fruit and Alnatura organic products. There are also freshly baked pastries available or opt for a baguette or rolls to be enjoyed in the evening. Our shop is open from Monday to...
16 October 2018

Keeping Fit with Yuppi

Stay healthy with Yuppi Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the main values that Yuppi, the mascot who both educates and entertains, strives to get across to children. By using various information brochures, educational trails in the countryside and sporting events, Cactus aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among the very youngest. This commitment supports the Interministerial Action Plan “ Gesond iessen – Méi bewegen” (Eat Healthily, Move More) which aims to tackle obesity and inactivity...
16 October 2018

All Saints’ Day will be soon upon us

Colour in the middle of winter: this is what the Cactus hobbi Flowers and Plants section has to offer. And to honour our departed ones on All Saints’ Day, there’s nothing more appropriate than a floral composition, wreath or chrysanthemum plant.