19 December 2018

Opening Cactus Shoppi Hollerich

Our network of local convenience stores is growing with the opening of a new Cactus Shoppi at the Texaco petrol station in Hollerich. Here customers can now enjoy the whole range that makes Cactus Shoppi what it is: a vast selection of organic products and fresh produce, de Schnékert Traiteur ready-to-eat dishes, Pains & Traditions artisanal baguettes... and so much more! This opening brings the number of Cactus Shoppi grocery shops in the Grand Duchy to 28! Opening hours
18 December 2018

We Are Artisan Producers of Quality Food

Ultra-fresh, ultra-tasty, and made by Cactus! In our Cactus pâtisserie units, there's great excitement now as our pâtissiers are all ready to make their cakes, butter creams, light fluffy mousses and whipped cream so they can present you with the most wonderful choice of Christmas logs for your festivities. These iconic Christmas desserts are made using only the very finest ingredients: butter, flour, fresh cream, chocolate, coffee, fruit and so on. The cake is a light sponge, the butter creams...
17 December 2018

Super discount from 17/12 to 20/12

Take advantage of our exceptional discount! From Monday 17th December to Thursday 20th December off all coffees Promotions excluded. *You’ll get the discount via a discount voucher which you receive at the till. Your voucher can be used in all Cactus stores by 31 December 2018, except restaurants and bars. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Discount not cumulative.
14 December 2018

€100 discount on all PS4 consoles!

Save €100 on all PS4 consoles (bundle included) now available in-store. Discount will be deducted at the checkout. (offer valid from 14 to 28 December 2018 depending on available stock).
11 December 2018

Video Game Highlights

Stay up-to-date! Follow the most recent news and events on Pre-order here! Resident Evil 2 Release: 25 january 2019 54,99€ Preorder until 18 january 2019 Resident Evil 2 Collector Release 25 january 2019 239,99€ Preorder until 18 january 2019 The Division 2 Release: 15 march 2019 59,99€ Preorder until 8 march 2019 The Division 2 ed. Gold Release: 12 march 2019 99,99€ Preorder until 8 march 2019 The Division 2 Dark Zone Collector Release date: 12 March 2019 119,99€ Preorder until 8 march...
11 December 2018

Exotic Fruits Are Festive Too!

Ready, steady, go! It may be cold where we are, except of course in our hearts, but in the tropics and the southern hemisphere it’s summertime. And at the moment the fruits we think of as exotic couldn’t be tastier! Exotic fruits create a colourful display and with their unusual flavours add zing to our festive food with their touch of extravagance, and most importantly their sunshine. Mangoes, pineapple, passion fruit, pomegranates and Co. are fantastic for making deliciously festive panna...
11 December 2018

Our special opening hours for the upcoming weeks

Prepare your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties as is most convenient for you! Here are our special opening hours for the upcoming weeks: DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE
11 December 2018

Guaranteed freshly caught!

Cactus insists on sourcing fresh fish from high-quality, sustainable fisheries for its whole range of fresh fish and seafood. We offer you the catch of the day at excellent prices. The sea is a difficult environment and the daily catches depend on the weather and the season. If you can't find the fish you want on our fish counter, our fishmongers will be happy to advise you or to order in what you need. They can also give you lots of tips on how to prepare and cook fish. We avoid industrial...