19 February 2019

“Honest” Competition

From 19 February to 3 March. Enter our competition and win an Ecolodge trip for 2 to Costa Rica or one of 24 electric scooters. You can now enter on our web site. Enter here! Or why not use our Cactus application on your smartphone to enter? You can also enter by filling in an entry form available at the tills in your Cactus store. Terms and conditions
19 February 2019

An Authentic Balance of Flavours

A whole array of unique, tasty “Pastificio GAETARELLI” pasta dishes produced using artisanal methods and great ingredients – free from additives, colourings and preservatives – " Clean Label » with free-range eggs but no GMOs or hydrogenated fats. If you’re one of those gourmets who is always in a rush, Gaetarelli stuffed pasta is perfect for you – ready in just a few minutes, all you need do is drizzle over melted butter or olive oil and then scatter some finely-chopped fresh herbs and grated...
18 February 2019

1 200 ecoboxes put into circulation in Cactus restaurants

In order to reduce its ecological footprint, the catering division of the Cactus group signed up to the ECOBOX initiative in November 2018 – a system which operates with wholly-recyclable returnable containers used to take away any leftover food. Since the launch, more than 1 200 ecoboxes have already been put to good use in Cactus restaurants, and it has been possible to achieve a significant reduction in the volume of food the company has needed to throw away. Cactus thanks all those...
14 February 2019

Our winners

Are you one of our lucky winners? Since there have been many different competitions this year, take a look at all the winners of our 2019 competition + — Competition “fou de Kiw-ouii!” Prize won: a KitchenAid fridge Winners: Web: Marie-Thérèse ROUSSEL-VAN HAELEN App: Margot SCHMIT Blog: Nathalie SPIGOLON Insta: Caroline BERSCHEID function ezAccordion(sSelector) { var a = this; a.container = $(sSelector); a.item = a.container.find('.accordion__section'); a.itemTitle = a.container.find('...
12 February 2019

Fairtrade – Natural – Vegan!

Cactus is expanding its range of natural cosmetics with products from FAIR SQUARED, one of the very first cosmetic brands in the world to be certified Fairtrade. Made from Fairtrade-certified ingredients, these products have also been certified Halal, natural by Natrue, vegan by the Vegan Society and certified by PeTa the animal rights organization. A range of over twenty Fair Squared products is now available in all Cactus supermarkets.
12 February 2019

Cocoletta Spread – More Responsible Consumption

This delicious, sweet cream is based on fresh coconut milk and coconut flower syrup – and nothing else. The syrup gives the spread its note of caramel and makes it naturally sweet. With a flavour close to caramel, Cocoletta can be used as a spread or a topping for yoghurt, pancakes and waffles and is perfect for anyone being careful about what they eat. All ingredients come from certified organic farmers. The fresh ingredients are processed directly on site in the Philippines to guarantee that...
6 February 2019

Video Game Highlights

Stay up-to-date! Follow the most recent news and events on Pre-order here! The Division 2 Release: 15 march 2019 59,99€ Preorder until 8 march 2019 The Division 2 ed. Gold Release: 12 march 2019 99,99€ Preorder until 8 march 2019 The Division 2 Dark Zone Collector Release date: 12 March 2019 119,99€ Preorder until 8 march 2019
6 February 2019

Let’s garden as nature intended! Cactus hobbi Natierlech!

You are a budding gardener but you would like to receive professional advice on the ecological care of your lawn and the pruning of shrubs? Our Cactus hobbi experts invite you to our interactive workshops on natural gardening at Cactus hobbi La Belle Etoile and Cactus hobbi Bascharage. These workshops are free of charge and will be held in French . Duration: 1 hr 45 min Register now! “Ecological lawn care and shrub pruning" Saturday 2 March : - at Cactus hobbi La Belle Etoile at 10am Saturday...