19 June 2018

Chicken to roast… and more!

With every sauce! Rich in proteins (20 g per 100 g), lean, and with fat that is easy to spot and remove because it is found directly under the skin, chicken meat is both easy to digest and exceptionally tasty. Chicken also offers you recipes from every corner of the world, and cuts that multiply the flavours depending on how it is prepared: for the BBQ, for the pan, for the oven, in casseroles, in the wok, in the tajine… Young and old alike love it, and you never tire of it! See our offers
19 June 2018

Cactus at the Foire Agricole

Visit us from 29 June to 1 July at the Cactus marquee at the Ettelbruck Foire Agricole. Over the years, the Foire Agricole has become the essential meeting place for all professionals in the green sector (farmers, foresters, etc.), in scientific research in agro/biotechnology, and in commerce. Cactus, a longstanding partner to the Foire Agricole , is celebrating Luxembourg products and bringing together over twenty local producers-partners on its marquee, in order to encourage visitors, both...
18 June 2018


Less packaging and less waste, no pesticides, no additives – this commitment by a growing number of consumers has become a reality at the new Cactus Howald, with a section that dispenses just the right quantity of the ORGANIC products that each customer wants. “Simply ORGANIC, simply the product, simply what’s needed – with no fancy gimmicks and no waste!” It’s quick and easy: “Take a 100% biodegradable paper bag, serve yourself, weigh it, and attach the label.” It’s the ideal selection to...
18 June 2018

New! Continente – Portuguese product range

O que rende é ir ao Cactus!* *Oh, it’s really worth going to Cactus! From now on at Cactus, you will find a whole range of grocery products in the CONTINENTE brand. CONTINENTE is the première hypermarket chain in Portugal, which has developed its own brand of quality/price-matched food products for daily needs. Happy tasting!
18 June 2018

New! Ramborn Cascade Hopped Cider

A cider “made in Luxembourg” that is an outstanding combination of the fresh acidity of a cider made from local apples and the American hop “Cascade”, appreciated by brewers the world over for its citrus and floral notes. It is a unique marriage, bringing out the best from its ingredients. Ramborn Cascade (7.4% abv) is also available in cans. New packaging for cider Ramborn which is now also available in a 33 cl can. Exclusively at Cactus!
15 June 2018

LËTZ GO GOLD – Charity run to fight childhood cancer!

Get involved in the run, and support a good cause! Cactus is a premium partner for a charity run being staged for the first time in Luxembourg, organised by the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner . This is your invitation to take part in this run and support research into combating child cancer. Where: Saturday, 29 September 2018 in Kockelscheuer. Course: 5 km or 10 km (run) – Walk: 5 km. Sign up at and start your fundraising! A concept with a unique character: Each participant...
14 June 2018

16 entrants for the Screaming Fields Song Contest, amplified by Cactus

The entrants for the Screaming Fields Song Contest, amplified by Cactus, have been announced. Each of them has been invited to compose a piece on the theme of “bewosst (er)liewen” (“living awareness”), intended as a creative reflection of our lifestyle and our relationship with the environment. The competition winner will receive an Artist Package, offered by Cactus and arranged by Rocklab. Be there to see the winner unveiled on 14 July at the Rockhal, as part of Screaming Fields , the festival...
12 June 2018


Were you shocked to see the “a” missing on the cover of this week’s brochure? This letter is just as vital for understanding the word “Cactus“ as a donation of blood group “A” is for the survival of someone who is ill or in a critical condition. If in Luxembourg so many people are still here with us today, this is thanks to our everyday heroes. Very discreet, these heroes are: blood donors! Whether their blood group is A, B, AB or O, they’re helping to save lives. On 14 June, countries around...