23 April 2019

Let's “Yuppi Walk”! Here’s the First Date

The first signs of good weather mean it’s time to slip on your shoes and go walking outdoors for a few kilometres. On Saturday 27 April, the Luxembourg Walking Federation ( Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Marche Populaire ) and Cactus invite you to join the first Yuppi Walk. Starting from Lieler, and following a 5 kilometre long educational trail through the “Cactus Bësch” nature reserve, the children will learn more about the forest and its inhabitants. Yuppi will be waiting for the young...
23 April 2019

Working their Well-known Charm in the Kitchen

A thousand and one fragrances Our faithful companions as we cook daily, we love the taste of fresh aromatic herbs and we are charmed by their fragrances. Their fragrances and colours have a magical effect as they transform ordinary food into a banquet fit for gourmets. Before using fresh herbs, it’s recommended that you squeeze the leaves very slightly before adding them to your recipes as this brings out their subtle flavours. In our Cactus food sections, you’ll find a huge range of fresh...
23 April 2019

"Gesond iessen, Méi beweegen" Competition

From 23 April to 5 May. Play the competition and win one of over 100 prizes to use Mondorf-les-Bains: 50 day passes with free use of fitness-wellness facilities 20 day passes with free use of fitness-wellness facilities + 25 minute massage 15 x 1 month subscriptions with free use of fitness-wellness facilities 10 x 6 month subscriptions with free use of fitness-wellness facilities 5 x 12 month subscriptions with free use of fitness-wellness facilities 5 “relaxation” stays for 2 people with 1...
19 April 2019

ÆM "City Ties" Release Event

Ema Macara is the overall winner of the latest Screaming Fields Song Contest amplified by Cactus and organised as part of the Screaming Fields Festival. The young singer was awarded the “complete Artist Package”, donated by Cactus and supervised by the Rockhal Rocklab. Since then much has changed for ÆM who is in the starting-blocks for a promising musical career. On 24 April 2019, ÆM will release her first single “City Ties” at a one-off release show at the Rockhal Floor. It was with this song...
16 April 2019

New & Trendy!

Each month read about a selection of the trendiest new items: in food, drinks, perfumery, dairy products, new technologies etc. New trends with something to suit everyone! Game of thrones As a fan of the series from the very beginning, you’re bound to be eagerly waiting for Season 8 to hit the screen. Take a look at our selection of merchandise products for your favourite Game of Thrones characters and items. “Funko Pop” figures, mugs and other “Rhaegal’s eggs” are waiting for you in our Cactus...
9 April 2019

Jordan Green Clean: 90% Recycled Materials

You can now clean your teeth using “Jordan Green Clean” toothbrushes that combine functionality with design and sustainable materials. Nothing is left to chance in the design process and the materials are all carefully selected with the environment in mind: recycled plastic handles, bio-based nylon bristles originating from castor oil plants and packaging made from recycled paper. Both children’s and adult toothbrushes are now available in all our Cactus supermarkets.
9 April 2019

2019 Donation Month: Support the Red Cross

April is traditionally Donation Month for the Luxembourg Red Cross. Until 30 April, some 2,000 volunteers will be going up and down the country from door to door raising money to help the Luxembourg Red Cross carry out its work which is focused on helping the vulnerable live independently and with dignity. Did you miss the Red Cross volunteers when they came to your street? Never mind, you can still take part in Donation Month whenever you go through the checkout – you can convert your Cactus...
9 April 2019

Slow baking – Now You Need Never Run Out of Good Bread!

Since you want to have authentic, quality products that have real taste but also fit with a busy life, we now have for you a frozen part-cooked version of our “Slow Baker Pains & Tradition” bread. Healthy, natural and good, these breads are made in the pure artisanal baking tradition in the Bascharage bakery units. You too can be a slow baker! Baked by you, in your home, this bread is exactly the same as the “Pains & Tradition” bread that you buy in-store and enjoy! You’re bound to...