21 August 2018

Folding Box: in a new colour!

Available now in red! These folding boxes are available at check-out. They make loading your shopping into the car easy and pack away without any difficulty. As they are reusable they will come in really handy in your daily life too. They can be used not only for your shopping but also whenever you need to transport items or tidy things away at home. For 600 Cactus points or 7,95€ Alternatives Packaging
21 August 2018

Taste Portugal Competition

From 21/08 to 02/09 Win a weekend for 6 people in Lisbon. Cactus is launching its competition in partnership with Brasserie Sagres. Good luck and have a good trip! You can now take part with our online version! participate here! You can also take part with our Cactus application on your smartphone! Or take part by giving the correct answer to the question you’ll find on the competition form which you’ll be given at the till in your Cactus store. see the rules
20 August 2018

Video Game Highlights

Stay up-to-date! Follow the most recent news and events on Pre-order here! PS4 PRO 1TB red Spiderman Ltd Edition Release date: 7 September 2018 469,99 € Pre-order until 30 August 2018 PS4 Spiderman Standard Edition Release date: 7 September 2018 69,99 € Pre-order until 30 August 2018 PS4 Spiderman Collector Edition Release date: 7 septembre 2018 169,99 € Pre-order until 30 August 2018 PS4 Spiderman Limited Edition Release date: 7 septembre 2018 84,99 € Pre-order until 30 August 2018...
20 August 2018

Have you already tasted turmeric?

This month, try out flavours from round the world with our “Bewosst” campaign. Turmeric is definitely the one that is being most talked about. A powerful antioxidant and well-known for its beneficial effects on the body, it will also give your recipes that special something: from legume stews to rice and vegetable dishes as well as meat, fish and tofu specialities. Alnatura ground turmeric farmed organically and fresh turmeric are available in our stores. BEWOSST entdecken!
20 August 2018

Responsibly Fished Fresh Fish

Come and take a look at our new fish counter at your new Cactus Howald – 11 metres displaying the best catches of the day landed using “small boat” fishing , i.e. coastal fishing over short periods of time which guarantees unbeatable freshness! Let’s live and think “responsibly for our long-term future”. We’re committed to giving you the very best value for money; however, we refuse to buy fish at the best price if this fish has come from large industrial boats which use bottom trawls! We won’t...
14 August 2018

New: Mellis “Hunnegdrëpp”

New Mellis “Hunnegdrëpp” now available at Cactus. The recipe for Mellis, the Latin term for honey-based products, includes a mixture of herbs in addition to 100% Luxembourg honey which gives it a very special twist. If at first what comes through is the sweetness of the honey, very quickly this is replaced by flavours from the spices. This combination of honey and herbs is ideally suited for creating aperitif drinks such as the “Mellis Highball” in particular, which is a mixture of Mellis and...
14 August 2018

Organic Cactus

Interview with Marc Hoffmann Cactus Marketing Director What does organic mean for Cactus? “' Mir fanne Organic logesch. ' For us, organic is natural! We’re committed to being able to provide you with the very best organic product for all your everyday needs. Without GMOs, without pesticides, without chemical fertilisers – without compromise!” – this is one of the Cactus Group’s core values. Since as far back as 1974, Cactus has been selling organic goods, and today we stock over 2,600 different...
13 August 2018

Please, I’d like the small bottle!

Miraval Rosé comes from Château Miraval’s finest vines – which is why it offers such a superb combination of freshness and fruit aromas. In the summertime, drink it alongside your summer food and grilled red meat dishes (pierrade table BBQ, kebabs, etc.). Now available in a handy 0.375-litre bottle. Cheers!