My Winter Beef Recipes

My Winter Beef Recipes

Why should you enjoy delicious grilled meats only in the summertime?

“Discover the different cuts of beef Cactus can offer you to make your barbecues taste absolutely scrumptious!”

For good grilling, you need good meat!

Our “Cactus-Rëndfleesch vum Lëtzebuerger Bauer” beef fits the bill with its quality of flavour.

And here at Cactus, our professional butchers make sure this flavour is top-quality. This means that cuts of meats for barbecuing such as T-bone steaks, rib steaks, etc. are skilfully prepared so they’re ready for you to pop them straight on the grill!

To bring out its full flavour, beef like this deserves to be cooked properly! And this where a WEBER barbecue makes all the difference!


WEBER is our barbecue partner for all seasons! 

Meat balls with goat’s cheese

Marinated chuck steak kebabs

The classic hamburger

Onglet steak and kidney bean burritos

Makes 7 burritos

Barbecued rib eye steaks

Beef Steak