My Baker

My Baker

Uniquely scrumptious artisan breads!

Uniquely scrumptious artisan breads!

Each day, a range of breads of all different shapes and sizes, baguettes and oven-baked specialities bring my taste buds to life – while bringing out the very best in my seasonal food.

Cactus Nëmmen dat Bescht

I’m choosing “Slow Baking” loaves

These loaves, lovingly crafted by Pains & Tradition, are baked according to “slow baking” principles. The secret of great bread is all about taking the time to make it. Jean Kircher, a miller, baker and Cactus exclusive partner, is someone who shuns industrial bread making. He’s fighting for the fundamental qualities of great bread, which can only be guaranteed by taking an unhurried artisanal approach that follows time-honoured tradition.

Pains et tradition

I love my bread baked “à l’ancienne”

Following the age-old rules of natural fermentation, these loaves are hand-shaped and baked in stone ovens, producing a crunchy outer crust, with plenty of soft, chewy bread inside, with a flavour and taste second to none.

I want locally sourced products

Our producers use raw materials which for the most part are sourced locally, for example, Moulin de Kleinbettingen flour. We’re able to draw on a vast heritage of local, traditional craftsmanship.

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I’d rather eat organic bread

We’re able to offer you organic loaves, cakes and muffins through our two exclusive partners.

One is L’Ecopain d’Ignace, an organic bakery founded on healthy eating and ethical, green principles and run by Ignace Vandekerkhove, a baker’s son.

The other is Oiko-Bakhaus, which under the patronage of Frank Obertin bakes four different 100% organic breads for Cactus using local flour grown and milled in Luxembourg.


I’m discovering Cathy Goedert’s bread

Pain Tourte is artisan sourdough rye bread produced by the young Luxembourg pâtissière Cathy Goedert. It was while she was working with Max Nosbusch, a baker from Vianden, that Cathy discovered the secrets of baking this bread, developing the special skills required for each stage in the baking process.

Where can I find Cathy’s bread?

Cathy Goedert’s artisan breads, Tourte rye bread, cramique and brioche can be found at the bakery counter and cheese service counter at Cactus La Belle Etoile, Bascharage, Howald and Bereldange. Enjoy!

I’m following the smell of fresh bread

Each Cactus bakery has a manager, a “cuiseur”, who is specially trained to ensure that our bread is baked to perfection – so that you can have beautifully crusty bread at any time of the day. Just follow the smell of freshly baked bread and enjoy it straightaway!

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