Radar - creative studio

Radar - creative studio

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Promoting innovative ideas is a sure bet with Radar creative studio.

Since its focus is on the creativity and originality of its productions, Radar spares no effort to ensure that its output stands out from the rest. To celebrate our jubilee, the studio has designed a pioneering production technique for making our TV spots.

The luxembourgish artist, Sophie Garlinskas, who graduated from the Cinema Makeup School Los Angeles, created the puppets playing the leading part in the spots.

Find out what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ below.

Cactus - Making-of

Anniversaire 50 ans Cactus

Cactus - Dat Bescht vum Beschten

Cactus - Vins du Monde

Cactus - Concours Foire Agricole Ettelbruck


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