René Mathieu

René Mathieu

Dear Consom’Actors,

I’m proud and honoured that Cactus has asked me to get involved with the “Changeons! Agissons!” project, and most especially to have been given this column where I can talk to you directly, each month, through the Cactus brochure and where I can explore various topics dear to my heart.

The seasons around us

We are getting ever closer to spring – but a word of warning: it’s not the calendar that will decide when we get there, but the weather! It is not for us to tell our producers what we want to eat, but nature, via the producers.

Making a choice to buy local products as a preference is important, and shows our respect towards them. Not insisting on asparagus or strawberries right now, because by the time our local producers can offer their own produce...

Winter in our garden

Winter is the perfect season for recharging our batteries and taking good care of ourselves.

Winter is the season of rest, peace and quiet and an opportunity to take stock of how we feel. It’s obvious that we eat differently according to the season because Nature is clever and provides us with exactly what we need most at the right time. In the summertime, wonderfully juicy fruit and vegetables to keep us hydrated; in the wintertime, more nourishing fruit and vegetables...