Alternative Packaging

Alternative Packaging

Try our reusable alternatives, available now in all our stores.

Try our reusable alternatives

For some years now, we have been working to find alternatives to disposable plastics. However, we should be under no illusions, we’re not going to get rid of all plastic overnight. We will have to change our habits and face up to the challenge involved in fighting this pollution. We can provide you with alternatives to plastic bags for packing and transporting your shopping. This choice has to take into account how these alternatives are produced and the extent to which they can be reused or recycled.


From this morning, the new Valorlux SUPERBAG is available in all our Cactus stores.

To make your shopping easier and help you avoid resorting to single-use bags, this PET bag, specially designed for loose items, is now available at self-serve sections in our stores. It’s machine washable and before you set off to visit your favourite supermarket, simply slip your SUPERBAG into your shopping bag – then weigh your food, place the printed-out sticker...

Eco-friendly “Mug to Go”

With these mugs, Cactus is showing its commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Try these limited edition mugs, available in all Cactus stores , our Cactus Inn restaurants and Cactus Shoppi.

  • They’ve been especially designed to be reusable – spelling the end of single-use mugs!

  • These mugs are

  • ...

Bag made from Fairtrade organic cotton

With this bag, in a certified organic and Fairtrade cotton fabric  and in a special Cactus design, you will be making a bold statement, along with us, for a cleaner world.

Highly practical, it can be carried comfortably on the shoulder, and it is ideal for carrying your shopping on the go. 

Available in a limited edition.


Bread and pastries bags

Try out the new bread and pastries bags that are available in the self-service baking sections in all our stores.

An environmentally friendly* bag that keeps your favourite rolls or pastry fresh.

*At least 70% less plastic compared to traditional plastic bags.


Why not try our cloth shopping bags on sale at your supermarket check-out.

They are foldable and large enough to also be carried over a shoulder.

Choose from a selection of colourful mini-bags, plain or patterned, according to what takes your fancy.

Different colors, seasonal availability


String shopping bag

The "string shopping bag" has been specially designed for your fruit and vegetables purchases.

Each time you go shopping, take these bags with you.


Cactus folding box

These folding boxes are available at check-outs in different colours.

They make loading your shopping into the car easy and pack away without any difficulty.

As they are reusable they will come in really handy in your daily life too. They can be used not only for your shopping but also whenever you need to transport items or tidy things away at home.

Different colors, seasonal availability


Cactus cool bag

Exchange your points for a cool bag and keep your purchases at store temperature until you get home.


Valorlux eco-bags

Everyone knows the famous Valorlux eco-bags . Eco-bags can be reused and are made from 100% recyclable materials.

4,891.5 tonnes of plastic have been saved since these re-usable “eco-bags” were introduced in Luxembourg in 2004, which is equivalent to 10,879,100 litres of oil!

However, far too many eco-bags can still be found among household rubbish. To prevent this happening, Valorlux has decided to remind consumers...

Forgotten your bag?

From January 2018, with the retail industry's support, the price of the new lightweight single-use plastic bags increased from 3 to 5 centimes per bag.

With the message "Please forget me", the aim is to get shoppers to resort less to plastic bags and encourage them to use reusable bags instead.