BEWOSST drénken ! Wat stécht alles dran ?

BEWOSST drénken ! Wat stécht alles dran ?

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There has been much recent criticism of beverages such as fruit juices, lemonades and fizzy drinks, in particular because of their excessive sugar content. Our health can be seriously affected if we overindulge. Consumers are therefore increasingly keen to find alternative, “free from” products. In the beverage sector, this has led to a growth in “healthier” products containing less sugar or additives than the many different soft drinks that to date have been available.

Our commitment   

Far from wishing to moralise and repudiate products which we have always sold in line with consumer trends, it’s important for us to offer you a choice between well-known products and new natural products containing less or no sugar and less or no additives.

So let’s be “bewosst” or fully aware when choosing what we drink. Let’s be inquisitive, but scrupulous too as we make our choices as consumers – with our objective being to ban sugars in favour of natural flavours and to discover new drinks that appeal to our taste buds without any extra calories or other harmful products: this is what a “Bewosst” choice means.

Teas and herbal teas are on the up and up. Homemade-tasting iced teas, coconut water, birch water and artisanal lemonades have become extremely popular and are all the rage. Even in our wine shops you’ll find a wide selection of organic wines made from organically-grown grapes, free from herbicides and pesticides.

“Bewosst drénken” means choosing your drink and knowing what its ingredients are and where they come from.

Some typical products

We can now offer you an ever-increasing selection of natural drinks. Take a look at what’s available and discover the pleasure to be had from tasting amazing flavours.

Naturpark Our – Hanfbléien Téi (Hemp Tea)
A completely natural herbal tea made from hand-picked hemp flowers, farmed in Naturpark Our, a Luxembourg nature reserve. This hemp variety is free from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp tea aids digestion and helps the internal organs work more effectively.

Yogi Tea – Halswärmer (Throat Comfort Tea)
Organic tea made from 100% organically farmed ingredients: liquorice, fennel, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, thyme, mullein, orange oil, lemon oil, cardamom, black pepper, carnation and turmeric.

Compagnie Coloniale - Kit Ice Tea do it yourself
After the success of Compagnie Coloniale’s health-giving hot teas and herbal infusions, you can now enjoy tea in the spring and summer too with its Iced Tea Kit. Leave a tea bag to infuse for 4 minutes in half a litre of water at 80 °C. Remove the bag, let the tea cool and then refrigerate. Before serving, you can add fruit juice, fruit pieces, ice cubes, etc., according to taste.

Organic Pfanner Pure Tea – 0% sugar, 0% sweetener organic range
Free from sugar and sweeteners, Pfanner Pure Tea is the perfect drink to quench your thirst naturally. In keeping with the spirit of our modern times, Bio Pfanner Pure Tea comes in four varieties, specially created for tea drinkers who like to drink plentifully throughout the day but without compromising on taste and pleasure.

Alnatura Turmeric Spices – to flavour your tea
This fruity flavoured and slightly bitter spice is used primarily in Indian cuisine recipes. Organically farmed, it will give your tea a lovely golden yellow colour.

Fuze Iced Tea – a new drink for the Grand Duchy for 2018!
Peach, lemon, hibiscus and camomile too, Fuze’s range of different recipes – all low-calorie and free from preservatives – offers a surprising fusion of flavours. Discover an exciting medley of different styles from different parts of the world!

Belseva Birch Water
A natural plant liquid tapped directly from trees, birch sap is slightly sweet and pleasant to drink. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a health drink and a 100% natural, low-calorie product that contains no preservatives and tastes great.

Alnatura Coco Drink
100% pure coconut water from young coconuts, this drink is both refreshing and organic. You’ll enjoy its delicate, mild and slightly sweet coconut flavour, and when drunk nice and cold, it’s a wonderful way to rehydrate.

100% Organic Bergamot Juice
The juice from bergamots, a rare citrus fruit grown almost exclusively in the coastal area in part of the province of Reggio Calabria (the southern-most tip of the Italian peninsula), has been awarded protected designation of origin (PDO). Free from added sugar, additives and preservatives, bergamot lemon juice is an artisanal drink produced from Calabrian citrus fruit. In addition to its exceptional qualities as regards taste, bergamot has been proven to be a fruit that naturally offers positive health-giving effects.

Organic White Wine – 2015 Chablis Vieilles Vignes Ste-Claire – Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard
In 1997, an 11-hectare Chablis parcel was turned over to organic farming and biodynamic methods. Jean-Marc Brocard’s Vieilles Vignes – the estate’s symbol – were planted almost 70 years ago and their roots go down over 25 metres into the Kimmeridgian soil. Extremely concentrated, these wines express all the complexity and finesse of Chardonnay.

Organic Red Wine – 2016 “Autrement” Merlot – IGP Pays d'Oc – Gérard Bertrand
Apart from being an organic wine, “Autrement” should be seen as a premium wine that meets high quality standards. From those who passionately champion ecology, to those who are keen to use natural products, as well as wine enthusiasts and gastronomes searching for new sensations – everyone will find what they’re looking for with these “Autrement” wines.

Organic Rosé Wine – Fiumicicoli – 2016 Corse Sartene – AOP
A family-run vineyard in the heart of Sartenais, one of Corsica’s leading wine-growing regions, this 73-hectare estate planted with traditional Corsican grape varieties has always been very focused on respecting its terroir. Traditional methods are used to grow the grapes (digging over, ploughing between the vine stocks) to ensure that they are of the very high quality required to produce fine wines. With its history and many distinctions, Fiumicicoli is one of the estates which best represent Corsica’s tradition and quality of winemaking.

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