My Cactus loyalty card

My Cactus loyalty card

The Cactus loyalty card is free of charge and can be used straight away

carte cactus

The Cactus loyalty card is free of charge and can be used straight away

The Cactus loyalty card is available at the reception of Cactus supermarkets, Cactus markets, Cactus hobbi stores and Cactus shoppi stores. It is free-of-charge and can be used immediately.

Just fill in the registration form and you will be given your card straight away. You also get 3 mini-cards offering the same benefits as the main card. These can be used by members of your family.

carte cactus

Collect points

The loyalty card is valid in all our supermarkets, markets, and hobbi stores. It can also be used in the group's restaurants and bars. This is how it works: you get 1 point on your card for every €1 you spend.

The card is also valid at Cactus shoppi stores where you get 1 point for every €5 spent.

You can also use the loyalty card for "Gift List" purchases.

You can get more points during certain special campaigns. Throughout the year, you can collect additional points from partner products which are identified by special signs or mentioned in announcements.

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Collect points with our partners

Finally, Cactus has entered a partnership with Gulf and Voyages Flammang. When you purchase items from our partners, you can also collect points on your Cactus loyalty card.


More Cactus points when you buy Gulf fuel oil!

For every 500 l of Gulf fuel oil bought, you get a 250-point voucher, which you can cash in when you show your Cactus loyalty card at the checkout of your local Cactus. (Valid for all commands starting at 500l)

* Only individuals resident in Luxembourg may take part. First delivery payable to the driver in cash or by V-Pay



Book a holiday and get extra loyalty points!

Book a holiday at a VOYAGES FLAMMANG travel agent and you receive 250 points per traveller on your Cactus loyalty card!

carte cactus

in all our supermarkets, markets, and hobbi stores as well as in the group's restaurants and bars.

in Cactus Shoppi stores → €5 = 1 point (for all purchases and fuel)

No matter where you are shopping, you will find a breakdown of the points you have collected and your points balance on your receipt.

You can also check your points balance on our iPhone app.

Exchanging points

Customers can exchange their points for various permanent promotions which are valid throughout the year:

Do you have any questions?

Contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you

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Download our Cactus app free of charge.

  • From now on you can read our brochures directly in the app (on iOS and Android)
  • Make sure you always have your shopping list with you
  • Find out the locations and opening times of our stores
  • Let yourself be inspired by our recipes and adapt with one click your shopping list to the number of your guests... no matter if you are cooking for one or ten persons... the new Cactus App changes automatically the quantity of the needed ingredients. Quite handy, right? (on iOS and Android)
  • Scan your loyalty card
  • Check your points balance
  • Participate in different contests, exclusively for Cactus App users. (on iOS and Android)
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